Rich in biodiversity, the Pacific Ocean, is an important fishing resource for Peru. Anchovy, the best raw material for fishmeal products, is the most common fish species, and Peru the world’s leading producer of fishmeal.

Producing 1.5 million MT and earning around 3 billion dollars per year, fishmeal production is Peru’s second most important industry.


Sold across the globe, the main markets for fishmeal are China, Europe and Chile. In Peru, the annual catch is defined by government quota and controlled through the Discharge Control Programme, being normally in the region of 6 million MT.

Across the supply chain, third party inspectors certify adherence to the quota system under two programmes:

    Applicable to all companies operating in the fishmeal business, the DCP is a contractually binding government quota. Inspectors on barges and in processing plants verify compliance and all information gathered is sent to the ministry in real time. This enables the government to control and protect both the biomass and the environment.
    This scheme controls the production, packing, loading and shipment of fishmeal. All product is sampled, tested and certified.


Protein content and the freshness of the product is checked by the use of assays during production and shipment.


SGS has been involved in Peru’s fishing sector for more than 30 years, operating across the supply chain, from catch control to export shipment control. We contract to Peru’s government to deliver DCP and Producer services across the country.

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