In recent years, radio frequency (RF) technology has been used in innovative ways in order to design new, pioneering products in the electronics industry. The use of RF technology is governed by regulations established and monitored by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Getting such products to market is a challenge that the FCC has simplified by granting modular certification to, or pre-approving the use of specific RF components in host devices.

SGS's new whitepaper on RF Module Integration explores the ways in which integrators can avoid entering regulatory grey areas when selecting pre-certified components for use in their products. Using such components can allow integrators to skip a series of testing that would typically e part of the product design and manufacturing process. However, risks can emerge from the lack of awareness when it comes to the specific use case scenarios where the pre-certificaion for RF components applies.

New uses for RF technology can lead to innovative products that make our lives easier. Nonetheless, when the way in which a RF module is being used is not clearly indentified in the FCC modular certification guidelines, the integrator is responsible for proving compliance. Also, if the appropriate procedures are not followed correctly, manufacturers can encounter a series of compliance hurdles, such as additional testing, in-market delays, design modifications or even non-compliance fines/penalties.

Integrators must b aware and have a clear understanding of the usage restrictions and can consult an expert in the early stages of the product design/development process, even though sometimes they must be open to adapting the desing in order to achieve compliance.

Manufacturers that use pre-certified modules in unique and innovative ways can find complying with FCC regulations to be a complex and quite challenging issue. SGS's whitepaper offers practical advice that will assist integrators in avoiding fines or even product recalls.

The SGS RF Module Integration Whitepaper can be downloaded on the company's website.

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