An infrastructure provided by SGS-Société Générale de Surveillance and Global Voice Group for the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority

The consortium made of SGS-Société Générale de Surveillance and Global Voice Group (SGS/GVG) is proud to announce the official inauguration of the Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS) implemented by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA). The inauguration ceremony took place on the 27th of February of this year on the TCRA's premises, which hosts the network operations center, in the presence of the Tanzanian President, His Excellency M. Jakaya Kikwete, and of several representatives of the regulator and the government.

For the TCRA and the government, this monitoring system represents an important step forward in the regulation of telecommunications, which is a crucial and strategic sector as far as the socioeconomic development of Tanzania is concerned. It provides the authorities with the technological solutions required to measure and analyze key aspects of the sector in an independent way, with a view of ensuring both regulatory compliance and the exhaustive collection of the levies to be collected by the State.

The TTMS project includes several components. Some of these components , such as the volumetry and the billing of the international traffic entering Tanzania, as well as the detection and elimination of international communications by-pass fraud, have been operational since October 2013 and have already yielded tangible results. Other components, which are being prepared with the technical assistance of SGS/GVG, will provide the capabilities to fight against mobile devices theft and counterfeiting, as well as the monitoring of mobile money transactions. 

Prof. John Nkoma, Director General of the TCRA, made the following statement during the inauguration ceremony, "Before the installation of this system, it was very difficult to know the exact traffic and unscrupulous people were using illegal and unlicensed international networks [in order to route calls to Tanzania] that led to the government and legal service providers losing revenue."

Referring to the rapid growth of mobile telephony in Tanzania — today there are nearly 10 times the amount of SIM cards in service (28 million) as compared to 2005 (2.9 million) 1 — the Tanzanian Minister of Communication, Science and Technology, His Excellency Prof. Makame Mbarawa also highlighted the positive impact of the project by stating, "The TTMS will not only facilitate the government to collect its taxes but also enable mobile operators to increase their revenues.”

The government estimated that the project would generate additional revenue of 20 billion TZS per year, solely through the monitoring of international incoming calls. According to President Kikwete, "It is a commendable move, making almost 20 billion per annum from zero is a very promising step."

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1 International Telecommunication Union (ITU); mobile-cellular subscriptions statistics