Pemex has extended the contract for SGS technical supervision services for the fuel terminal EPC project in Tapachula, Mexico for another six months.
SGS supervisors will continue to oversee the engineering, procurement and construction project for the storage and distribution of fuel. Having already completed contracts for project management and independent expert technical dispute evaluation services for five Pemex refineries restoration projects, SGS is also currently conducting pipeline integrity studies. The extension of this particular contract underscores the successful partnership with Pemex Refinery over the years.


Pemex, Mexico's state oil company, is engaged in the exploration, production, transportation, refining, storage and sale of hydrocarbons and derivatives. Its products include petrochemicals, natural gas, liquid gas, sulphur, gasoline, kerosene and diesel. Pemex operates 344 production fields, 6,382 production wells, 225 off-shore platforms, 6 refineries, 8 petrochemical complexes, 7,896 km of gas pipeline, 4,548 km of oil pipeline, and 19 LPG distribution terminals.

SGS Technical Supervision for Mexican Pemex on Guatemalan Border

A multidisciplinary team of thirteen SGS specialists varying according to project requirements are on-site in Tapachula, Chiapas in southern Mexico at the border with Guatemala. Technical supervisors are overseeing the EPC project in the areas of engineering, procurement, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of a storage and distribution terminal for gasoline and diesel at the Tapachula location.  In lieu of a pipeline planned to be constructed in the future, petroleum products are currently transported by train to be stored at and distributed from the terminal.
Tests at the site are conducted by the EPC contractor under the witnessing of SGS supervisors. Independent testing, including DFT verifications, dimensional check-ups, topographical verification of coordinates, and current clamp AC/DC measurements are also conducted by SGS experts in order to verify the quality of on-site work activities performed by the EPC contractor.
According to the supervision contract, SGS was and is obligated to provide only on-site test witnessing. At this stage no FAT test witnessing for 33 critical equipments was performed at manufacturer premises, but will be required in the near future, as indicated to Pemex project managers.
SGS is providing comprehensive technical supervision services from its mobile office at the Tapachula site. Project and technical documentation is being controlled with an established administrative system and progress is being monitored with project manager software. Supervisors are performing quality control services for civil works, mechanical and electrical components and equipments as well as instrumentation and telecommunication systems. Certified internal SGS auditors are conducting periodical quality assurance audits of the EPC contractor. SGS specialists are examining procurement procedures and controlling engineering work. Expert supervisors are reviewing EPC contractor monthly invoices, health, safety and environmental (HSE) practices during construction and additional unit prices as well as analyzing EPC contractor claims.
Both SGS and the EPC contractor have established quality plans according to the ISO 10005 standard. These plans indicate resources, procedures, instructions, formats and controls being implemented in the Tapachula project.
So far, the project boasts a zero accident rating, illustrating the enormous effort and resources devoted to HSE by all those involved.

SGS Construction Supervision Services

SGS provides professional construction supervision specifically tailored to safeguard successful project completion. Highly-experienced SGS personnel effectively control and supervise every aspect of construction work, keeping construction work on schedule, reducing technical risks and preventing construction errors. SGS technical supervisors make sure construction is compliant with relevant building regulations, quality standards and company guidelines.
Pemex has used and continues to use SGS services as both technical support and to control works.
SGS continues to work alongside this respected and distinguished partner and looks forward to many more collaborations in the future.

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