Due to increased demand for pan-EU trials and the need for consistency across geographic locations, SGS has extended field trials services to Denmark.

EU regulation 1107/2009 lays down approval criteria for active substances in plant protection products and repeals Council Directives 79/117/EEC and 91/414/EEC. It increases the level of health and environmental protection, contributes to better protection of agricultural production, and enlarges and consolidates the internal market for plant protection products.

Europe’s Northern Registration Zone, according to regulation 1107/2009, consists of some important countries around the Baltic Sea including Lithuanian, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

SGS has been performing GLP and GEP trials for a number of years with well-established partners. However, the increased demand for pan-EU trials and the need for them to be handled consistently, means it makes sense for the company to extend its own expertise into Denmark and stop sub-contracting.

As a direct result of this decision, we have launched our first field trial station in southern Denmark under the umbrella of our German field trial operation. Our recruitment and efforts to establish a field station are already well advanced and the local authority in Denmark approached to begin the accreditation process.

We have applied for Efficacy Testing:

  • Agriculture, outdoor vegetables, nursery cultures.
  • Vegetables, ornamentals.
  • Fruit and berries.

Also, for GLP Safety Testing: Studies in open field and/or under protected conditions:

  • Environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms.
  • Behaviour in water, soil and air, bioaccumulation and metabolism.
  • Residues.

These service categories are well established in the majority of our 29 field trial stations, covering all countries in Europe’s Central and Southern registration zones. The expansion of our services into the Northern registration zone completes our coverage for all European zones.

We expect to settle all aspects prior to the 2014 season. Requests for proposals are welcome in the meantime. We will keep our customers informed on progress. More news will be available in March.

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For further information, please contact:

Christa Gerling
Team Leader Field Trial Services
SGS – Institut Fresenius GMBH
Im Maisel 14
D-65232 Taunusstein/Neuho
t: +49 152 0151 96 70