Good Laboratory Practice services (GLP) offered by SGS Agri Min in France include the competency to perform GLP dust drift studies.

Exposure field experiments have been developed for companies working on the evaluation of their Plant Protection Product (PPP) dossier for seed treatment under regulation 1107/2009.

According to EU guidelines (e.g. guidance document on the authorisation of plant protection products for seed treatment, SANCO/10553/2012 rev. 0, 8 March 2012), risk assessment studies have to be performed for the evaluation of seed treatments (treated seed and pesticide applied in the row of sowing).

The risk of adverse environmental impact due to the treatment of seeds with PPP and subsequent seeding operations has long been regarded as negligible for regulatory purposes. However, the investigation of incidents regarding honey bees and data from subsequent research projects have shown that exposure, especially to dust drift, is a notable exposure route, which may lead to severe effects on non-target life.

The amount, fraction size distribution and residue content in dust emitted during the sowing process from treated seeds, or pesticide granules applied in the row of sowing, are relevant for exposure.

All three may differ depending on crop type, dose rate, and treatment recipe. SGS has developed an experimental protocol to evaluate the quantity of residue in dust following application of PPP in the row of sowing, or sowing treated seeds.

The PPP content in dust deposited during drilling is investigated in “worst case conditions” (windy weather, dry soil) by placing dust collectors in the field. Dust is collected from the air (vertical projection area) and at ground level (soil surface), close to and around the sowing zone, in order to provide a full set of residue data.

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