GEP field trial services in the EPPO and EU Registration Zones.

Regulation 1107/2009 has been in force since 2012. In many countries, uncertainty still exists on the mutual acceptance of the biological data in the dossier. This complexity is compounded, because the registration zones do not match the EPPO climatic zones for efficacy testing.

SGS, with a network of field trial stations in all of the EPPO and EU registration zones, is able to provide a robust set of valid trial data to support product registration in Europe.

Following our recent expansion into Poland (EPPO North East/EU Central registration zone), Hungary (EPPO South East/EU Central registration zone) and Bulgaria (EPPO South East/EU Southern registration zone), we can provide customers with extended coverage for different crops and pest/disease combinations, in different climatic zones.

Weather conditions are one of the main contributors to crop damage and cannot be influenced by a trial design/organisation. However, changing the site of trials during the growing season within the climatic and registration zones may be an option, to save time and provide a robust data set. The quality of a biological assessment dossier may be based on the quality of the valid trial data and not necessarily on the quality of the dossier compilation. Many recent applications have failed to provide this robustness in the trial data.

Where information is available, we work with Risk Maps and have established a risk-based approach to safeguard RUSS the registration quality and deadlines for clients. Our most experienced/qualified (e.g. based in, UK, France, Germany) trial managers conduct PAN EU efficacy testing programmes. Our unique platform for trial documentation facilitates good communication across country, registration and EPPO climatic zones.

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