SGS’ field trial service in Indonesia has expanded its capability, from agrochemical field trials into seed biotechnology field trials.

In November 2013, our team in Indonesia established its first Seed Biotechnology Field Trial, at the Karawang Field Station, West Java. The project comprises two units, both of which will receive nine treatments.


The trial’s objective is to evaluate performance of the seed traits, including:

  • Agronomic performance.
  • Herbicide resistance performance.
  • Pest efficacy.
  • Impact of non-target anthropods.
  • Soil microflora.


For this project, our teams from Indonesia and the USA worked together to pool their expertise and experience in biotechnology seed field trials. In addition, we worked with scientists from reputable research institutions and universities, such as Bogor Agricultural University, the Soil Research Institute and the Industrial Crop Research Institute. Supported by experts and colleagues we conducted a comprehensive range of tests including:

  • Soil analysis.
  • Non-target anthropod analysis.
  • Micro flora analysis.
  • Agronomy analysis.
  • Rearing of Ostrinia furnacalis and Helicoverpa armigera to be infested inoculated in biotech corn.

During planting, the site was visited by colleagues from SGS USA, as well as the client. We were praised for our performance in preparing and conducting the trial.

To support the region’s growing agriculture industry, we will build on this success to deliver further biotechnology seed field trial services.

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