In January 2014, SGS US Detergents and Household Cleaners laboratory received ISO 17025 accreditation. This accreditation reinforces to our clients that SGS continues to maintain the high level of competence in its performance that they have come to expect from an industry leader. Their value investment is assured by knowing that they are receiving the best possible quality of service. Thise accreditation also reduces the time clients need to evaluate testing vendors. This accreditation establishes SGS as able to deliver superior testing data and enable our clients to reduce thire total testing vendor search.

We are proud of this accreditation as it keeps us in top form and helps assure SGS a strong position in the detergents and household care testing sector.

About ISO/IEC 17025:2005

ISO/IEC 17025, originally issued by the International Organization for Standards in 1999, dictates general requirements for the competence of testing services and calibration laboratories. It is similar to ISO 9000, and subsequent wording, in the 2005 revision, better aligns with ISO 9001:2008. However, ISO 17025 includes specific requirements for competence, and because SGS is a company that produces testing results, this standard is especially important.

This standard requires that senior management form an integral function of the quality programs, and contains requirements for continued and constant improvement to current operating procedures, including communication with clients.

The requirements related to the operation of the laboratory sectors include portions that evaluate the precision and accuracy of the tests, calibration and data produced and reported. This is very important for our clients, as accuracy refers to the correctness of the data we report and precision refers to the reliability of our laboratory to generate pertinent and reproducible data. Given that the reporting and data is the product SGS provides, versus a physical manufactured product, these rigorous testing and laboratory standards assure that our customers receive top service and are provided data that can be relied upon for them to make significant business decisions to maximize their profitability and market dominance.

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  • Social responsibility audits, environmental sustainability audits
  • Technical support for the ecological quality marks
  • Raw materials/product inspections
  • Supply chain support & verification
  • Sustainability services

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