Our surveys provide valuable market intelligence on the changing areas and yields of a variety of globally-traded agricultural commodities. The data we gather can be used by commodity trading companies, financial institutions and input companies to validate their decisions and to gain commercial advantage.

Our data collection can include:

  • Actual yields
  • Quality attributes (e.g. test weights, protein, Hagberg falling number)
  • Grain storage capacity (relative to production)
  • Trends in production for specific end-uses (e.g. bio fuels)

Physical Data:

  • Soil types, distribution and fertility
  • Nutrient availability
  • Insect, weed and fungal distribution
  • Crop condition
  • Yield estimates
  • Equipment performance (in-field)
  • Silage and fodder analysis

Environmental data:

  • Herbicide resistance patterns and associated species
  • Noxious/invasive species distribution
  • Water quality (including run-off, leaching and residues)
  • Energy balances for carbon footprint measurement
  • Analysis of spray drift prevention measures SGS also carriers out research in the livestock and consumer related agricultural sectors.

Survey techniques vary by country including face-to-face, internet based and phone studies.

Download the 2014 Commodities Market Research Studies (118 KB).

For further information, please contact:

Mark Oulton
Sales Executive
t: 201-968-7339

Gennadiy Shulga
Global Business Development Manager
t: +41 22 739 9374

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