In June 2013, SGS was selected to provide field inspection services for quality assurance of pipes in the framework of the Zhaikmunai project, Kazakhstan, during and after pipe production at three production plants by TMK-Kaztrubprom, member of TMK, the world’s largest manufacturer of steel pipes.

For the duration of the contract with work beginning in August 2013 and scheduled to run through April 2014, the team of highly-trained SGS inspectors will perform independent inspections at the Sinarsky, Volzhsky and Orsky manufacturing sites, Russia, as well as witnessing of laboratory testing. The laboratories will be specifically testing for sulphide stress cracking (SSC) using the NACE TM-0177 testing method A. For this large-scale project, SGS inspectors are conducting examinations at several sites for a wide-range of products including pure pipes and jets.


Founded in 2001, TMK has grown to include 28 production plants in Russia, USA, Canada, Romania, Oman, UAE and Kazakhstan and two R&D centres in Russia and the United States.

In September 2012, TMK awarded SGS a three-month contract for pipe inspection at its Sinarsky Pipe Plant due to SGS’s experience and competence in projects of this kind.

So, in reviewing global leaders as potential partners for the projects in Sinarsky, Volzhsky and Orsky sites, project leaders at TMK once again opted for the proven expertise and reliability of the SGS inspection services portfolio.

SGS Quality Assurance & Control Services

TMK holds the quality of all equipment, material structures and components at all of its industrial facilities subject to strict regulations and standards. At the Russian sites, SGS quality assurance and quality control inspectors are assisting TMK project leaders to ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, quality standards and mandatory regulations.

On-site SGS inspectors are able to monitor materials testing, establish the quality of materials, structures or systems during manufacturing through inspection, witnessing and verification and perform factory acceptance tests of installations and equipment. Experienced SGS professionals conduct pre-shipment inspections and loading supervision in the transportation phase.

Off-site, SGS quality assurance and control experts assist in defining QA/QC programs which meet the full scope of regulatory requirements. Skilled inspectors conduct pre-award or pre-qualification surveys, including comprehensive reviews of supplier quality assurance and quality control programs, to meet government or purchaser mandates.

SGS comprehensive quality assurance and quality control services on-site during pipe production and during other supply chain stages are guaranteeing the highest of quality for pipes and fittings being produced at the Sinarsky, Volzhsky and Orsky production plants, bringing added value to TMK assets and increasing confidence in TMK products.

SGS is honored to once again assist this prestigious partner in producing superior products and maintaining the distinguished TMK worldwide reputation of excellence. 

For further information, please contact:

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