GMO contamination issues arose in Ukraine over two decades ago due to the absence of an effective monitoring system that could prevent the presence of GMO crops varieties in Ukrainian agriculture.

The first parcels, about 600 MT, of Non-GMO soya were shipped in the last season under the IP programme applied by SGS Ukraine for our client. These shipments have been made possible by the strict monitoring system applied by SGS at every stage of the supply chain, from the fields to its loading into containers. Interestingly, prior to introducing the IP programme our client tried to export Non-GMO soya for two years without success. The project has been so successful that our clients have this year exported some 100,000 MT under this programme.

Farmers in Ukraine cultivate both GMO and non-GMO crops, but until now there has been no effective monitoring system to guarantee their separation. Therefore the marketability of non-GMO crops to international markets, some of which still restrict or prohibit the import of GMOs, is now a real possibility. This means farmers using the IP programme can access the premium non-GMO soya market.


Consumers in some countries remain concerned about GMOs, therefore it is important to ensure that products meet the appropriate regulations. Our IP programme addresses both the issue of consumer confidence and regulatory compliance.

By tracing seed origins, as well as testing products at every point along the supply chain, we can help you allay the public’s fears and satisfy the relevant legal requirements.

This level of grain traceability reduces your trade risks and adds value to your products. IP not only lets you detect and rectify problems within storage, transportation and production, but also ensures that your raw materials come from a sustainable source.


Building on this success and to support more farmers entering the export market, we are establishing a GMO laboratory in Ukraine. This will improve our ability and speed of response in checking cargoes and conducting testing at any stage.