Complying with quality, safety and sustainability requirements is an ongoing responsibility. To help you meet the challenge, this issue of Hot Source looks at forthcoming revisions to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and reminds us of the planned timetable. Many private label suppliers will also be affected by a major retailer’s announcement that all suppliers must undergo BRC unannounced audits. We explain what you can expect and what will be expected of your team.

Food contamination continues to make headlines. Understanding the issues and developments is key to your success; we look at the separate issues of honey contamination and the increased presence of pathogens in plants. In a similar vein we also examine the impact of sulphites in food, both good and bad.

Isotope testing has come into its own. As well as its use in food and nutritional research, this technology can also be applied to traceability. Find out more.

Product labelling impacts consumer protection, marketing and safety. Read about the latest GMO product labelling information for Europe and also the role labelling plays in the growing halal food industry.

Whether you are transporting, manufacturing or selling food, it all requires packaging at some point. Our new feature Packaging Corner offers insights into the latest industry issues.

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