Increased demand for farming support from SGS Precision Farming Services (SGS PFS) in Zambia, has prompted the opening of a new soil, leaf and fertilizer testing laboratory in Kalulushi.

Servicing the farming communities of Zambia and its surrounding sub-Saharan countries this new lab will increase SGS’s capacity to deliver soil and crop fertility services across the region. Farmers from Zambia and further afield, have long awaited private sector investment in a local laboratory, to support the country’s agricultural expansion by delivering timely and effective testing, analysis and sampling.

After 8 years of presence with fertility management services, SGS PFS has taken its service provision in the country to a new level. Zambia’s farmers are now able to experience SGS’s high standards and quick turn-around-time analyses of soil and leaf samples locally.

We can now service local farmers more effectively throughout the growing season and make a positive impact on yield and quality.

SGS PFS offers Zambia’s farmers a wide range of independent services including:

  • Soil chemical gridding – Establishes chemical variances in a field and enables application of lime and other rectification products using variable rate technology.
  • Soil classification – Understand the soil profile to better identify the potential of different crops grown on that soil, as well as to identify optimal management practices for the specific soil type.
  • Crop inspections – Ensure optimal crop performance and yield. We conduct crop inspections throughout the growing season.
  • Yield data management – Use of yield data to relate soil characteristics back to their specific influence on yield and compile variable fertiliser applications.
  • Semi detail bush surveys – Establish the best soils for cultivation, to ensure forest and bush areas lost to agriculture are selected in a sustainable way. Determine the optimal areas to cultivate and leave marginal soil areas as forest.
  • Fertiliser recommendations for certain soil types and crops – An independent opinion identifying the best fertiliser to use on their property.

These services enable farmers to manage soil fertility more accurately and with a positive impact on profitability.

This also makes farming a more sustainable business in the long term. This information is especially important in a sector where inputs are becoming more expensive and farmers need to apply finances optimally on each farm.

SGS is an independent supplier of agricultural services. Clients can feel assured that they benefit from the most effective recommendation for their own crop, soil and climate conditions.

For further information, please contact:

Edwin M Makuya
Business Development Manager
SGS Inspection Services Zambia
Plot No 2 of 32254
Thabo Mbeki Road,
Postnet Box 357A
P/Bag E10, Arcades
Lusaka, Zambia
m: +260 972 207066