Energy crises, global warming and growing pollution and have all contributed to increased environmental awareness. Raising most concerns, automotive are often mentioned as a main reason and cause of emissions, but also as a potential solution through greener vehicles.

SGS is proud to announce the release of a new whitepaper on e-mobility.

The whitepaper addresses the key issues affecting e-mobility in the automotive industry in its attempts to gain customer acceptance and to comply with a growing array of international standards and legal requirements.

Key topics such as infrastructure costs and expertise required to achieve compliance, and the time needed to stay up-to-date with best practice are covered. The paper therefore helps automotive industry professionals find a way to reach consumer confidence and find the best way to product compliance in order to ensure commercial success.

Readers can download the whitepaper to learn more about e-mobility and other automotive battery issues such as safety testing and compliance to international standards and legal requirements.

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