With a rich agricultural history, Egypt remains at the forefront of the global agriculture industry. Fertile soils and an ideal climate consistently deliver high quality crops and these dependable conditions make the launch of SGS’ first field trials in the country a natural step.

Serving domestic and international clients, SGS Egypt is expanding its services with the introduction of the country’s first field trials. With extensive local experience and expertise we have gained the first Crop Variety Assessment Field Trial nomination in North Africa. This development enables the company to lead African and Middle Eastern development of these services, evaluating different crops and growing seasons.

The first trials have already conducted comparison on sorghum seeds, local and hybrid varieties, in two different locations: north coast (Alexandria) and Upper Egypt (Giza/Fayoum).

What makes an ideal trial site and how do we achieve consistently reliable results?

  • Careful selection of trial locations.
  • Choose only experienced farmers and supporting them with SGS technical expertise.
  • Employ good agricultural practice on the trial site.
  • Track environmental changes.
  • Apply relevant crop protection products and fertilize at the right time with the correct dosage.
  • Analysis of crops, including different varieties, at an SGS testing unit.

Today, SGS Egypt has the ability to perform research and development trials for plant protection products (PPP), seeds and fertilizers.

For further information, please contact:

Sherif Fakhry
Agricultural Services
SGS – Egypt
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