Life science companies and their research and development teams are under ongoing pressure from new and ever-changing biotech events, pest and weed resistances, drought tolerances and Nutraceutic crops. Argentina’s new good laboratory practice (GLP) regulations and new waves of GM events to be launched onto the global market require more field research.

Achieving regulatory compliance for new products and solutions becomes more complex every year.

SGS’s new Field Research Station in Argentina can support agrochemical and seed companies’ route to compliance.

Consumer Pressure

To feed a growing and hungry planet agrochemical and seed companies have invested heavily in the development of new GM crops and ways to manage weather events. Additionally, there is pressure from consumers to ensure that food, feed and biofuels are produced with minimal or no impact on either their lives or the environment.

Meeting the needs of this growing market requires more research studies to be conducted for the approval of agchem dossiers and seed bags. Also, new technologies and agriculture expansion require the industry to carry out more crop studies and evaluations.

Experience & Expertise

With global agriculture and seed experience dating back 130 years, we offer a broad range of services in Argentina:

  • Since 2007, seed labs, soil labs, field research and precision agriculture are just some of the services we have developed and launched specifically for the Americas.
  • Field trials started in Argentina in 2010. Continued growing demand for this service in the region generated the idea of a Field Research facility from which we can respond to this demand.
  • Installed in the seed cluster region of Argentina, a field of about 20 hectares provides all the requirements needed to conduct GLP residue trials, and test both GM regulated and non-regulated events, as well as many other features.
  • Our expert field scientists deliver test and trial results aligned to global protocols and any relevant regulations, as required and defined by the client.
  • From this strategic location we can service clients in other regions of Argentina and neighbouring countries.
  • Our fully equipped and accredited laboratory can also provide analytic information for all samples taken and deliver them to wherever in the world they are required.

With a global reputation for excellence and independence, SGS can cater for all your field trial research needs. Wherever you are based you can rely on our experts to deliver services in a globally consistent manner.

For further information, please contact:

Juan Fernandez Castro
Agricultural Services
Product Manager
SGS Argentina S.A.
Tronador 4890 - Piso 6°
C1430DNN - Saavedra - Buenos Aires - Argentina
t: +54 114124-2061