Global rice production is expected to reach new records in 2013-14, exceeding 497 million tons for the first time and traded volumes of approximately 38 million tons. However, the dynamics of the market are constantly changing, creating both opportunities and challenges for exporters and importers alike. China is set to become the world’s largest importing destination (once a major rice exporter), whilst Thailand’s domestic support scheme has resulted in lower exports in recent years.

Through our comprehensive and dedicated international network, SGS is able to mitigate our client’s risks throughout the agricultural supply chain, all over the world. Our professional and well trained staff are able to provide Inspection, Testing, Fumigation and Collateral Management services, tailoring specific packages and services to meet all our client’s needs.

SGS delegates will be delighted to discuss the many ways we can help you at the 5th annual TRT, World Rice Conference in Hong Kong, 19-21 November.

This newsletter provides you with all the SGS contact points to meet your requirements. 

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