The new Singapore Standard, SS 577:2012, for Water Efficiency Management Systems (WEMS) was jointly launched by Singapore Standards Council and PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, in March this year. The newly launched standard is the first of its kind in the world, providing non-domestic water users with a framework, methodology and set of guidelines to put in place policies, systems and processes to improve water efficiency.

PUB 10 per cent Challenge Programme

The SS 577:2012 standard was launched to complement PUB’s 10 per cent Challenge programme, which encourages the reduction of water consumption for non-domestic water users. One component of the challenge is to ensure the development of a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP), which includes an analysis of current water usage, ability to identify potential costs savings and a timeline for implementation of the plan.

In order to encourage the adoption of the standard, PUB has in place initiatives and incentives under the 10 per cent Challenge programme in the form of funding, the Water Efficiency Fund (WEF) and recognition through Water Efficiency Building (WEB) Gold and Silver certification. The WEF is a co-funding scheme where funds will be provided to help companies to monitor and improve their water usage, and develop their WEMPs. As for the WEB certification, in order to be certified as a Gold Certification Water user, the water user will have to be certified against the Singapore Standard SS 577:2012 by a certification body accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council.

First in Singapore

With the introduction of SS 577:2012, the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) has developed a new accreditation programme for Water Efficiency Management Systems certification in June this year. With the new accreditation programme in place for WEMS, SGS Singapore is currently in the process of attaining accreditation to certify companies against SS 577:2012 WEMS. Once approved, SGS Singapore will be the first certification body in Singapore to gain accreditation to certify companies again the SS 577:2012 WEMS with accreditation from the Singapore Accreditation Council.

About Singapore Standard SS 577:2012 – Water Efficiency Management System (WEMS)

The Singapore Standard, SS 577:2012 WEMS includes a framework and guidelines, as well as suggested tools and best practices, for water users to adopt to make improvements to their water usage and efficiency.

It specifies requirements applicable to water usage, including monitoring, measurement, documentation and reporting, design and procurement practices for equipment, systems, processes and personnel that contribute to water efficiency. The standard facilitates organisations to prepare their Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP).