SGS has been awarded a contract by Linde Vietnam Limited (LGV) to provide third-party inspection and certification services for an industrial gas supplying system in the Phu My II Industrial Zone.

Established in May of 2006, LGV is one of the leading gases players in the Vietnamese market operating the largest hydrogen production facility in Vietnam and running the longest industrial gases pipeline network to serve key customers in Phu My.

Dated 14 June 2013, the eight-month agreement marks the first partnership between SGS and a member of The Linde Group, a well-known global leader in gases and engineering with approximately 50,000 employees working in more than 100 countries around the world. SGS was chosen for this particular project due to its extensive experience and proven expertise in similar projects.

Project “Industrial Gas Supplying System of Linde Viet Nam Limited Company - Phu My II Industrial Zone”

This pipeline project includes three pipeline systems transporting industrial gases of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen from LGV air separation unit 2 (ASU2) to Posco SS Vietnam and Fuco Steel. Oxygen gas will be transported to Posco SS Vietnam, Fuco Steel and the LGV ASU1 through approximately 12.8 kilometers of pipeline with an 8-inch outside diameter (OD). Both nitrogen and hydrogen will flow through an estimated 2.8 kilometers of pipeline from the LGV ASU2 to the tie-in point and road 2B and 9 in the Phu My I Industrial Zone. Nitrogen gas will be transported through pipe of 8-inch OD, hydrogen through pipe of 3-inch OD.

SGS Involvement in Phu My

Five SGS experts will be in office and on site in Vietnam to provide third-party inspection and certification services for work in the main project work packages of design review and appraisal, on-site vendor inspection (procurement), site surveillance during construction and installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning witness and inspection report and certification.

SGS design review and verification services ensure that every design is compliant with all relevant industry standards and meets established regulatory operational, safety and environmental requirements. SGS is providing highly-trained staff, state-of-the-art technology and global resources to assist LGV in verifying industrial product and installation design, testing engineering assumptions, design methods and approaches and providing confidence in that industrial products and installations are in accordance with required design and safety standards, criteria and legislation.

Vendor assessment and technical audit provided by SGS assess the ability of vendors and suppliers to deliver orders and ensure regulatory compliance. With its global reach, SGS is accurately assessing vendors and suppliers serving the LGV industrial pipeline project in Phu My. Experts are conducting thorough independent evaluations of the LGV premises and construction sites, assessing vendor and supplier ability to deliver LGV-specific orders, ensuring that partnering vendors and suppliers meet all relevant statutory regulations and quality standards and making informed decisions based upon detailed SGS assessment reports.

Throughout the entire construction phase of the LGV project, SGS inspectors will keep tight control over the quality of procured materials and services. It is equally crucial that SGS inspectors make sure that environmental factors during construction will not affect start-up operations.

SGS is especially pleased to assist in this pivotal project and looks forward to building a flourishing partnership with this distinguished company.

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