Recent food scandals have seen horsemeat substituted for beef in a broad range of products across the EU, as well as seafood species extensively substituted in the US. In this issue of Hot Source we look at the subject in more detail, its history, the extent of food adulteration and the labelling requirements in place to address the problem.

Banned in some countries, the animal feed additive ractopamine and its testing, also fall under the spotlight.

Ever popular with consumers, the global market for olive oil is expanding and our market report offers an overview. We also discuss some emerging food safety and security issues, such as foodborne illnesses and climate change. The issues around allergen control, testing and management are also examined.

Sustainable sourcing is featured in the form of UTZ Certification. This fast growing standard supports some of the world's most vulnerable growing communities and meets consumer demand for ethically sourced products. The sustainability theme continues with articles on emissions assessments and Ecodesign.

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