SGS works with the food industry to minimize the risk to human health presented by Salmonella spp. contamination. Timely and effective testing programs can minimize this infection and its impact on consumers, brands and the supply chain.

Producers, growers, distributors and retailers have all been affected by a number of recent product recalls in Canada, the US and Australia, for products as diverse as:
• Cherry tomatoes
• Sprouts
• Pet food
• Thai peppers
• Baking mix products
• Mayonnaise

In all cases but one, routine product testing by the food chain or regulatory authorities picked up the contamination. However, the mayonnaise contamination was only identified after consumers were taken ill.

As a bacterium traditionally associated with products like milk or chicken, it appears that Salmonella is increasingly being associated with fruits and vegetables, through contaminated water supplies. Many studies have shown that Salmonella spp., as well as other pathogens, can survive for some time in the environment and therefore on plants. Recent studies even show that ingress into plant leaves protects the bacteria from washing and disinfectants. Salmonella is killed by heat. However, raw and undercooked products whether meat, fruit or vegetables open consumers to risk from contamination.

SGS has global microbiological testing capabilities for pathogens including Salmonella in our accredited network of food laboratories in about 40 countries. We provide traditional microbiological analyses based on national and international standards, but also have the capability for rapid testing based on technologies such as immunological detection, PCR and isothermal amplification.

SGS can support the food industry to minimize the risk. Implementing correct handling processes, a food safety management system and microbiological testing all have a role to play in managing this infection. Prevention is better than cure. SGS’s trusted third party testing, verification and certification services enable the food industry to trade safe, quality products both domestically and internationally.

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