Achieve UTZ certification with sustainably sourced coffee, cocoa and tea.

Many trusted international brands have already achieved UTZ certification for their products by ethically sourcing them from sustainable farming communities. This is due to increased customer awareness and demand for environmentally responsible products.

UTZ exists as a response to increasing customers demand, so can you afford not to be certified?


UTZ certified is the largest coffee sustainability programme worldwide both in sales and supply.

  • 188,000 metric tons of UTZ coffee was sold in 2012.
  • The market share of UTZ coffee in the Netherlands and Switzerland was 40% of total coffee consumption.


UTZ also has a cocoa programme which in just four harvests since 2007 has grown to be the leading certification scheme.

  • In 2012, over 3,000 new UTZ chocolate products went on the market throughout Europe, Asia and Australia as well as North and South America.
  • 118,000 metric tons of UTZ cocoa was sold in 2012, more than double the 2011 sales of 42,000 metric tons.


UTZ is the first organisation to develop a specific Code of Conduct for Rooibos production. Developed in consultation with local and global experts and stakeholders, including farmers, local tea experts, government officials, NGOs, traders and tea packers the UTZ tea programme aims to ensure that the needs of both producers and the markets are met.

  • In 2012, UTZ tea sales increased with 5% to 3,074 metric tons.

Sustainability in action

The UTZ mission is to help create global sustainable farming as a norm. The drive towards sustainable farming helps farmers, workers and their families to fulfil their ambitions as well as safeguarding the world’s resources, now and in the future. For this to happen the following principles apply:

  • Farmers implementing sustainable agricultural practices whilst making a profit.
  • Industry investing in and rewarding sustainable production.
  • Customers having increased confidence in the sustainability of the product at the point of sale.

UTZ certification is split into two programmes. The first is the Code of Conduct for on-farm production. It not only includes good agricultural practice (GAP) but also assesses ethical issues, for example, child labour, education, access to healthcare, on farm housing and women’s rights. The Code of Conduct is also educational programme with the farms working on a four-year cycle of continuous improvement to meet the highest levels of production.

The second programme is the ‘Chain of Custody’ to trace and maintain the integrity of the UTZ certified product throughout the supply chain.

The UTZ ‘Good Inside’ Portal also allows produce to be traded and monitored, thereby maintaining traceability and providing a record of all trades to preserve the integrity of the UTZ certified claim on produce.

Expanding markets

One third of sustainably traded coffee is UTZ certified and the demand for tea and cocoa products is growing rapidly. Whatever your role in the supply chain you can apply for UTZ certification and reap the rewards of compliance:

  • Access to new markets.
  • Increases in productivity.
  • Improvements in quality.
  • Better prices.

UTZ, which means ‘good’ in Maya language, provides the assurance of social and environmental quality standards in coffee, cocoa and tea production expected by brands and consumers.

Approved certification body

SGS, as a UTZ approved certification body, and a leader in food safety auditing can audit your organisation’s supply chain. SGS’s global network can audit produce to the UTZ protocols through the supply chain, from production to manufacture and processing.

For more information visit our UTZ Certification webpage.

John Buchanan
UTZ Programme Manager
SGS Auditing Services
t: +61 03 9790 3477
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