SGS genetically modified organism (GMO) testing services can support businesses impacted by the recent discovery of genetically modified (GM) wheat on an Oregon farm.

As a direct result of this discovery, several countries (including Japan and South Korea) have suspended the import of US wheat thought to potentially contain GM glyphosate-resistant wheat varieties. In the EU, GMO testing and certification will be required for all future imports. This means that buyers from these countries will need to arrange for sampling and testing to be conducted before the wheat can be accepted for import.

As a GAFTA superintendent and approved laboratory, SGS can perform sampling and testing in accordance with these methods and on successful completion, issue certificates showing absence of the GM wheat event. To reduce delays, sampling can be conducted either during the loading of seagoing vessels, or preliminary testing can be completed in the supply chain, thereby reducing the turnaround time required.

SGS’s Brookings DNA laboratory has been offering GMO testing for more than ten years. Its trained scientists have been closely involved in the development and validation of the protocols used industry-wide for GMO detection. Accredited to ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 the Brookings laboratory operates under strict guidelines and participates in annual proficiency testing for GMO events. Semi quantitative PCR based DNA detection technology can determine the presence off GM wheat present in samples. SGS detection services are able to identify the presence of GM wheat to levels as low a 0.01%.

In some countries a GMO cargo that berths may not subsequently be re-routed to a GMO accepting destination, but might be destroyed.

SGS offers guarantee services, protecting clients against the risk of rejection at the port of discharge. SGS provides protection against the financial consequences of cargo rejection at destination. Expenses guaranteed include the re-routing of a shipment, reloading of any offloaded cargo, demurrage and depreciation.

Crop sampling, GMO testing and Guarantee Services from SGS mitigate the risk of contaminated commodities reaching the wrong destination.

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