SGS NDT Experts Return to Nigeria

West African Ventures has awarded SGS yet another contract to provide non-destructive testing services for its Escravos Gas Project (EGP-3) in Nigeria. According to the agreement, dated February 2013, SGS will mobilise ten experts to conduct non-destructive testing on 18 kilometers of a 24 inch diameter pipeline. The project involves SGS inspecting the pipe material and the welds that join each section of this newly constructed pipeline on the Jacson 30 pipelay crane vessel, using internal industrial X-Ray crawlers, Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle inspection. The project is scheduled to end in April 2013.

West African Ventures

Established in 2000 with headquarters in Lagos, West African Ventures (WAV) is a leading indigenous provider of offshore engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and vessel charter services to the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

WAV officials selected SGS to assist in this phase of the EGP-3 project due to the respected SGS reputation and extensive experience of independent testing and inspection services for both on and offshore pipeline projects, along with the previously successful SGS non-destructive testing of welds and pipeline to be used by their Jascon 2 vessel.

Escravos Gas Projects

Situated within the Niger Delta and 100 kilometers southeast of Lagos, EGP-3 aims to harness the rich gas resources found at the Escravos field. Production began in late 2012 and upon completion; the project is expected to reap an additional 395 million cubic feet of gas per day. 

A portion of the raw material produced at EGP-3 is to be used in the Escravos Gas-to-Liquid (EGTL) project, designed to convert approximately 325 mmcf/d of gas into up to 33,200 barrels of high quality diesel, naphtha and liquified petroleum.

These projects represent the 2001 joint venture between the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Chevron Nigeria Ltd. (CNL).

SGS NDT for Jascon 30

Having recently completed independent inspection and non-destructive testing for Jascon 2, SGS experts will now focus on extending these services to the Jascon 30 which is a shallow water pipelay construction accommodation vessel with modular S-lay pipelay equipment which enables the barge to perform various offshore construction duties directly in the oilfield.

The SGS services will contribute to the safe and efficient operation of project equipment and assets by detecting defects in the welds during the construction phase ensuring WAV's client, Chevron that all components are in compliance with international acceptance standards and regulations.

SGS non-destructive testing methods for 18 kilometers of the 24 inch diameter pipe on the Jascon 30 pipelay vessel include, industrial Radiography using internal X-Ray crawlers, Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Inspection.

X-RAY using internal crawlers provides a fast and accurate inspection of hard to access areas in 24/7 production situations. In the Jascon 2 project, SGS inspectors were able to successfully radiograph 70 plus digital images per day and are now seeking to increase this to 100 per day for the Jascon 30 project  by implementing these internal crawlers.

SGS ultrasonic testing experts will use sound waves of short wavelength and high frequency to detect flaws and corrosion as well as measure material thickness. This is particularly important quality assurance procedure for determining the integrity of the pipe material that will be utilized on this Jascon 30 construction project.

Another quick and reliable NDT technique to be used on the Jascon 30 project is Magnetic Particle Inspection which detects cracks on, or just below the surface of ferrous materials. SGS specialists will conduct these inspections in order to ascertain the condition of the materials used in the Jascon 30 offshore construction project.

Due to the West African Ventures introduction of a rapid automatic welding process, the exact duration of SGS testing is yet to be determined.

The SGS NDT Advantage

Eliminating downtime due to avoidable accidents, equipment failure or regulatory inconsistencies, directly translates into highly productive and financially profitable facilities. West African Ventures project leaders and decision makers have chosen SGS to perform independent, expert non-destructive testing to provide the necessary peace of mind in knowing that the equipment and components to be used in challenging construction projects are safe, reliable and compliant. SGS experts deliver every client third-party inspection and testing of the utmost quality to increase productivity, protect investment and ensure profitability.

SGS is pleased to assist West African Ventures once more and looks forward to many more opportunities to work with this respected company.

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