Polish Energy Partners (PEP) has issued a Letter of Intent to SGS for the supply of contract engineer and representative and supervision services for three wind farms, totaling 106MW. In May 2013, subject to financial approval, the two companies will sign a contract.

SGS is now conducting the tendering phase, selecting Balance of Plant (BoP) contractors. The company will start as contract engineer and begin on-site supervision as soon as the contract is signed. The project, scheduled to commence in May 2013, is expected to be completed by July 2014.

A leader in renewable energy sources projects, PEP is an expert in the development, implementation and operation of projects related to electricity, heat and fuel production. Facilities operated by PEP produce more than eight per cent of Poland’s renewable energy (obtained from wind and biomass). SGS has previously served PEP at two other wind farm locations with a total of 58 MW and will assign up to six SGS specialists to this project. 

SGS won the bidding due to its expertise in renewable energy projects and extensive experience delivering owner's engineer services.

SGS Pre-Construction Services

SGS is assisting PEP in all processes during the pre-construction phase of the wind farms development and properly executing work controlling quality and following timetables. Acting as technical advisor, SGS is providing technical due diligence of project documentation including risk specification. SGS specialists are preparing the initial environmental reports, assessments and impact studies. Pre-construction road surveys and reports are also being carried out and drawn up to determine project impact on infrastructures.
SGS experts are coordinating the design of the wind farms, determining site suitability and assessing wind energy yields, measuring wind by monitoring and collecting data and confirming measure masts from an outsourced provider. SGS is modeling wind farm designs, verifying data and reporting outcomes.
SGS professionals are issuing tendering documentation for BoP and electrical contractors, preparing quotations and evaluations of project costs and leading negotiations during contractor selection. According to the current agreement, SGS is providing technical assistance, writing specifications, SIWZ, PFU and appendices to project contracts and verifying turbine manufacturers, site suitability and grid code requirements.

Comprehensive SGS Services During Construction

Upon signing the contract for owner's engineer services in May, SGS duties will substantially increase during the construction phase. Skilled SGS professionals will be responsible for the coordination and organization of work including thorough reporting and site supervision according to construction laws. SGS expert technicians will verify design, assess risk, conduct site works supervision, FAT tests, mechanical completion inspections and provide technical assistance throughout the construction of each project.
Furthermore, SGS supervisors will strive to meet scheduled PEP deadlines and stay on project budget while guaranteeing compliance and coordinating measures to obtain necessary permits. SGS will deliver compulsory documentation to banks, authorities and institutions, record construction supervision and maintain log books.
SGS will also supply personnel mandated by construction laws and regulations including a legal site manager and inspectors in all areas. Equally important, SGS will provide the PEP project with necessary staff such as machine and turbine specialists, geologists, surveyors and optional scientific staff.
During all phases of construction, SGS health and safety experts will supervise the creation and implementation of site-specific health and safety plans. SGS supervisors will oversee quality assurance and experienced SGS liaisons will coordinate commissioning agreements and supervise commissioned partners.
In addition, SGS experts will conduct pre-and post-assembly 3D laser scanning dimensional tests of wind turbine generator components such as blades, nacelles and hubs to identify defects, to confirm optimal geometry or to expose damage due to wear and tear on both mechanical and non-mechanical components. And, upon client request, SGS will prepare technical documentation required to obtain concessions necessary to produce electricity including diagrams and descriptions of the measuring systems.
SGS officials are authorized to act on behalf of PEP in certain administrative situations. In order to successfully carry out the enormous task of owner's engineer, SGS is obligated to provide the required and skilled personnel licensed for the scope of activities according to Polish law.
SGS owner's engineer services for the wind sector ensure that every contractor meets all required and agreed conditions in terms of technical parameters, quality of equipment and works, scheduled time and contract price. These SGS services provide wind farm owners with solutions which allow for efficient and complete monitoring of project progress. The range of SGS owner's engineer includes services such as inspection of materials, quality control and quality assurance during civil foundation and electrical installations, construction supervision, expediting, witness testing at manufacturing and on-site as well as commissioning supervision.
SGS is pleased to be a part of this distinguished project providing clean energy to the people of Poland.

For further information, please contact:

SGS Industrial Services
Mariusz Pracownik
Head of wind section / Associate Director of INVIDV branch
Bema 83, Warsaw
t: 691-767-093 


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