Until recently, field trials in Russia were carried out by state-owned organisations such as R&D Institutes and strain-testing stations with just a small proportion conducted by seed producers for their own purposes.

Answering the need of both seed producers and growers for an independent field trial service provider with an impeccable reputation on a global level, the Russian subsidiary of SGS took the decision to extend its service portfolio and launch field trials in Russia.

This new service has complemented the soil fertility / yield management services that SGS has been providing to the Russian market in recent years. SGS now offers field trials for key agricultural crops, to evaluate the effectiveness of new varieties and hybrids, fertilizers and plant protection products, prior to full-scale application.

SGS possesses extensive experience in this field acquired in Europe, North America and other regions where its specialists have been conducting field trials for many years.

With Russia’s wide diversity in climate and soil, international seed producers demand reliable and trustworthy verification of their product’s effectiveness in such varied conditions.

SGS has a network of offices in every region of Russia, and is the ideal partner to carry out field trials in the locations where the seed producer does not have its own representation. SGS Agricultural Services in Russia offers a wide range of activities to outsource, including preparation and organisation of seed trials, planting, field monitoring (of weeds and pests), yield assessment, sampling and monitoring of various characteristics and data analysis.

Our equipment enables us to satisfy all the requirements of trials management, starting from microplot trials up to farm scale trials on key crops such as vegetables, grain, peas and oilseeds.

We also conduct field trials of various agricultural crops including in unfavourable conditions, with the objective of assessing the resistance of plants in any environment. The elements of a technically immaculate field trial are:

  • Highly professional experts and specialists.
  • Significant experience with research organisations.
  • Selection of appropriate farmers.
  • Modern equipment.
  • Speed of reaction to critical changes in the growing environment.

Other services offered in Russia within the framework of field trials are:

  • Monitoring the impact of crop protection products on agricultural crops and weeds.
  • Organisation of trials with regard to application of fertilizers and plant growth regulators.
  • Quality analysis of grain and flour in SGS’s own testing facilities in Rostov-on-Don and Voronezh.

For further information, please contact:

Alexey Temichev
Business Development Manager
SGS Vostok Limited
18 Andropova Prospect (Bldg 7)
115432 Moscow
t: +7 495 775 44 55


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