What is driving the pig inventory changes in Southeast Asia? Which crops offer the best global environmental profile? What is the winter crop condition in the Black Sea Region? How large will the Thai sugar crop be in 2013? What is the effect of the changes in government subsidies in the agricultural machinery sector in China? Which countries offer favourable investment opportunities for integrated bio-ethanol production? Which weed species in South America are showing multiple chemical group resistance and what is the best strategy to address this? Why has shipping of cotton in container freight from West Africa dropped in the last month? Why does this soybean variety perform so well on this soil type?

These are typical of the questions that are asked of the SGS Global Marketing Team on a daily basis.

SGS is unique in the way it undertakes agricultural market research. As a company that is involved in the entire food chain, we are able to provide critical information to input companies (seed, fertilizer, crop protection, livestock, machinery, etc.) as well as analysis through the production chain. This also includes consumer research for food and beverage manufacturers. What makes us different is our ability to use our skilled in-house staff to carry out this market research, in areas such as soil science, field research and certification and testing.

Our clients typically come from five different parts of agribusiness:

  • Commodity traders seeking accurate data on planting intentions, acreage, yield information and quality parameters to provide a competitive trading edge in all the main global crops as well as similar livestock analysis.
  • Input companies seeking to introduce new products or extend the life cycles of existing ones.
  • Companies seeking compilation and technical analysis of environmental data (insects, diseases, carbon emissions etc.) to help clients drive their own marketing programs.
  • Banking companies/government agencies seeking due diligence on their investments or insurance companies seeking to find correct data for underwriting.
  • Clients requiring channel studies to optimize the distribution of their products and services.

We use multiple market research techniques such as:

  • Face to face interviews with farmers, processors and consumers.
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) – now available in Western Europe, the U.S, Canada, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine.
  • Internet surveys (choice modeling) in Europe, Australia, South America, U.S. and Canada.
  • Executive and shipper interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping, snap polling, concept boards etc.

These activities are supported by detailed statistical analysis carried out in India, the Philippines and the U.S.

In conclusion, with our extensive expertise, SGS should be considered the supplier of choice for your global agricultural marketing research projects.

For further information, please contact:

Mark Oulton
Global Agricultural Market Research Manager
t: +1 (201) 968 7339

Shulga Gennadiy
Vice President Global Business Development
t: +41 (22) 739 93 74


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