On February 18, 2013, SGS received its fourth contract with a provider of high speed rail travel in Taiwan to conduct calibration and measurement services for insulated tools used in the eight-station line down the Taiwanese western corridor. Three SGS calibration laboratories located along the route in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung will provide assistance. The project is scheduled for completion in February of 2015.
In order to manage risk, ensure safety and reassure both stockholders and consumers, the Taiwanese rail company needed high quality calibration reporting. Its reputation as the highly-respected independent global leader for such services in Taiwan and previous successful partnerships with this particular client made SGS the perfect choice for project leaders once again.

SGS Presence in Taiwan

The accuracy and reliability of instruments and devices designed to monitor, control and supervise industrial processes is vital. In the Taiwan rail project, client-unique tools and instruments currently without technical support require SGS experts to find solutions and specifically design support equipment. SGS valve and instrumentation calibration and maintenance services assure consistent instrument accuracy and perpetual process control.
With SGS at its side, the rail company has a committed partner with whom to explore solutions and consult when improving measurement quality at internal laboratories. SGS professionals are always nearby monitoring quality assurance and holding quality systems to the ISO 17025 standard.
SGS calibration and measurement services save clients around the world time and money. In Taiwan, the ability of local SGS engineers to provide on-site calibration dramatically reduces substantial costs associated with idle time and the expense of returning instruments to manufacturers in the USA, Japan or Europe for examination. Furthermore, SGS professionals are authorized to submit recognized calibration reporting documentation in lieu of manufacturer-provided inspection reports.
In the Taiwanese rail project, SGS is performing electric meter calibration of power meters and communication meters. Physical gauges undergoing calibration include track gauges, earthquake meters and torque wrenches. SGS inspectors are also measuring important insulated tools such as gloves, helmets and shoes which are used on a daily basis to protect rail employees. Insulated tools are being measured according to the CNS 14256 Z3033 (1998) regulation.
To ensure that its rail partners operate at best practice standards, SGS examines rail components in logistics chains and provides terminal management, transit monitoring, import control and other related services. SGS-supported logistics, rail inspection, verification and audit services allow partners to focus on other important aspects of their business.
Commanding a global network of more than 1500 offices and laboratories, SGS is the preferred international partner for those companies involved in industrial projects around the world. SGS offers unrivaled expertise in extensive electrical and instrumentation services which include maintenance, calibration, design, assembly and commissioning.
SGS is proud to have been chosen again to assist this prestigious partner serving Taiwanese citizens with safe and reliable transportation.

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