SGS has been granted AIA accreditation from the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) and Department of Labor to act as a Government Approved Inspection Authority in the country of South Africa. On October 1, 2012, SGS received a Letter of Exemption certificate from the South African Department of Labor accrediting SGS as a Type A Approved Inspection Authority for Pressure Equipment Manufacturing and In-Service. This Letter of Exemption temporarily authorizes SGS to certify pressure equipment in South Africa. The initial audit for permanent authorization is scheduled for June 2013.

SANAS was established as a Section 21 company in 1996 with its board of directors being appointed by the South African Department of Trade and Industries. SANAS accreditation falls within the requirements stipulated by the international ISO/IEC 17020 standard and principles initiated by the South African Department of Labor.

Candidates applying for AIA status must first acquire SANAS accreditation. SANAS assessors investigate candidate qualifications according to established principles and recommend qualified candidates to SANAS management for approval. Successful candidates receive a Certificate of Accreditation. Upon receipt of this prerequisite certificate, candidates such as SGS may request AIA accreditation from the Department of Labor.

To qualify for the Department of Labor Type A Approved Inspection Authority for Pressure Equipment Manufacturing and In-Service, SGS had to illustrate full compliance with both the international ISO 17020 and the South African SANS10227 regulations. The Department of Labor approval now authorizes SGS to certify pressure equipment in South Africa.

SGS Pressure Equipment Certification

The manufacture and operation of pressure equipment such as pressure vessels, tanks, boilers, pressurized systems and process installations are contingent upon compliance with stringent local and national statutory regulations. SGS pressure equipment certification services ensure adherence to unique requirements anywhere in the world.

Recognized as a leading certification provider, SGS is accredited throughout the world to issue trusted pressure equipment certification. SGS has a deep understanding of the many complex regulations and substantial detailed documentation involved in achieving certification for pressure equipment. SGS design appraisal engineers, inspection personnel and quality system auditors are located around the world to provide professional expert services in any language.

SGS certification specialists make sure that essential safety requirements are unequivocally met and that equipment satisfies appropriate conformity assessment procedures. SGS expertise as an independent and notified body provides the knowledge necessary to meet deadlines by efficiently executing design appraisals certificates and achieve certification required for pressure equipment.

SGS has an extensive portfolio of pressure equipment certification services which includes approving personnel and procedure integration and design examination. SGS determines intrinsic boiler water quality and conducts field inspection and coordination as well as interim inspections during the construction phase. SGS approves materials implementing periodic visual controls, inspections and audits. SGS conducts product inspection, performs product testing and issues product certification. SGS approves quality systems, safety devices and connection controls, administers stoking tests on steam equipment, assesses and analyzes risk and provides type examination and approval. SGS confirms calculations and drawings before construction and verifies material certificates, welding files, welding procedures and welding qualifications according to all international standards. SGS also witnesses hydrostatic testing. These outstanding and comprehensive services distinguish SGS as a leading global inspection, testing, verification and certification provider.

Expertise, experience, resources and a worldwide network of certified inspectors uniquely position SGS to independently certify pressure equipment. SGS also creates market access and acceptance strategies throughout product design and development making it the ideal partner during every phase of pressure equipment certification, from planning to construction and operation.

SGS is extremely pleased to announce its AIA status and looks forward to assisting South African partners.

For further information, please contact:

SGS Industrial Services
Gert Viljoen
Head of Department – Inspection
1 Bergius str, Secunda
South Africa
t: +27 (0) 17 631 2457


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