Bihar Medical Services & Infrastructure Corporation Ltd. (BMSICL), an undertaking of the eastern Indian Bihar state government established to manage various development projects to improve upon medical infrastructure, has selected SGS to supervise the construction and contribute to the quality control process of upcoming projects in the Munger and Bhagalpur divisions.
These large projects include the construction of a number of hospitals and small clinics, residential quarters for doctors and nurses, office space to house district project monitoring offices and appropriate warehousing buildings for medication storage. In accordance with the agreement dated December, 2012, SGS professionals will be involved in the scheduled projects for the next 12 months and will continue to serve BMSICL infrastructure projects over the next five years.
Boasting 104 million inhabitants, Bihar is the third most populous state in India and recent improvements in local governance have resulted in a significant investment increase in state infrastructure, health care facilities, education and a major reduction in crime and corruption, leading both Indian and international business leaders to invest in the state. Therefore, the inclusion of transparent, independent supervisory partners has become even more important.
Based upon proven and extensive experience, SGS was exclusively selected to fulfill construction supervision and quality control services ensuring quality, proper use of funds and timely completion of projects within the two state divisions of Munger and Bhagalpur.

SGS Construction Supervision

SGS construction supervision services ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget while simultaneously fulfilling all relevant regulations and quality standards. As mandated by this contract, SGS will provide BMSICL with professional construction supervision specifically tailored to guarantee successful completion of the projects. Highly experienced SGS personnel will effectively control every aspect of the construction work.
As an independent third-party partner, SGS will provide BMSICL with an on-site experienced team of experts to effectively implement and execute project objectives coherent to national and international guidelines. SGS staff will keep defined projects on schedule, reduce technical risks and prevent construction errors. SGS supervisors will make sure that all BMSICL projects are in compliance with relevant building codes, quality standards and insurance company requirements while ensuring all construction amenable to specified technical documentation and permits.

SGS Quality Control

Superior SGS quality control services will deem BMSICL projects compliant to all contractual client specifications, relevant mandatory regulations and international quality standards. The world leader in quality assurance and quality control services, SGS will provide BMSICL with the extensive knowledge, unrivaled experience, state-of-the-art resources and unique global network necessary to control and assure quality in every project according to the required IS codes.
SGS supervisors will perform decisively executed duties, communicate clearly and expeditiously and offer professional recommendations and solutions in order to successfully complete all BMSICL projects included in the contract.
SGS is delighted to assist BMSICL in improving the health care of millions of Indian men, women and children.

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