Tekfen Construction and Installation Company, Incorporated has selected SGS to provide independent third-party inspection, non-destructive testing and quality control services for a construction project in Azerbaijan. SGS services for the Tekfen project to build a new management office for the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) are scheduled to run from January 2013 until January 2014.

Tekfen : A World Leading Contractor

Rooted in an engineering consulting company established in 1956, Tekfen Construction and Installation is one of today's leaders in the challenging field of contracting services. A strong commitment to environmental issues, an uncompromising dedication to global quality standards and professional business conduct underscore the company's consistent growth and stability spanning five decades.

An affiliate of Tekfen Holding, Tekfen Construction and Installation is highly respected as an international contractor listing major accomplishments in Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa, Caucasia and Central Asia and Eastern and Central Europe. Tekfen's wide range of activities include contracting for heavy civil works, refineries and petrochemical plants, satellite towns, major industrial processing plants, pipelines and marine structures, power plants and electrical and communication facilities.

SGS Specialists Already in Azerbaijan

According to the contract dated January, 2013, SGS is currently controlling the erection of the steel structures, inspecting welds and conducting non-destructive testing (NDT). SGS NDT is ensuring the safe and efficient operation of equipment and assets in Azerbaijan by detecting defects early to avoid severe damage and assuring quality compliance with international standards. SGS has brought its respected worldwide reputation and proven track record as the complete and global NDT provider to the Tekfen project. The SGS NDT network, which stretches across forty countries, is providing world-class NDT expertise locally, close to Tekfen operations wherever and whenever needed.

SGS certified NDT personnel are applying ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and visual inspection testing methods in this particular project to monitor component integrity and detect defects before they cause severe damage or result in non-compliance. Welds are being monitored by specialists certified under CSWIP 3.2 in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of structural elements. SGS non-destructive testing is saving time and money through the fast and effective testing of primary and secondary elements during assembly, installation and operation.

Due to the extensive SGS experience and competence in projects of this kind, SGS is helping to minimize risk and maximize quality at the Tekfen project in Azerbaijan. SGS services are positively impacting the sustainability, reliability and functionality of the new structure to ultimately reduce cost and raise asset value.

SGS is proud to have been selected to partner with Tekfen in this notable project.

For further information, please contact:

SGS Industrial Services
Nazim Shirinov
Industrial Business Manager
OSCAR Business Centre
3001, Tbilisi avenue
AZ1102 Baku, Azerbaijan
t: +994 12 430 33 80
f: +994 50 372 15 42

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