SGS Germany GmbH has issued the first ISCC PLUS certificate for renewable fuels of non-biological origin for the renewable methanol plant of Icelandic company Carbon Recycling International (CRI).

The CRI plant at Svartsengi in Reykjanes, Iceland, produces renewable methanol by harnessing energy and CO2 emissions of the nearby geothermal HS Orka power plant. Carbon dioxide from the geothermal flue gas is converted and recycled to produce liquid fuel with a technology developed by CRI in Iceland.

Methanol can be used in gasoline blending for unmodified cars and as a feedstock in the production of MTBE, DME and other fuels. “Our recycling-process is cost-effective, reduces greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and conserves natural resources“, highlights KC Tran, Chief Executive of CRI.

The production process and fuel meet the objectives of the European Commission to substitute 10 % of fossil fuel in the transport sector by 2020, and to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

Recently, the European Commission has proposed changes to the Renewable Energy Directive. According to this proposal, traditional biofuels have been capped to 5 %. For the remaining 5 %, the option to use renewable fuels of non-biological origin has been added.

The ISCC System has been adopted to also cover fuels of non-biological origin, currently under ISCC PLUS. “The audit of CRI in Iceland has shown that the fuel is produced sustainably, with high greenhouse gas savings and of course without indirect land use effects,” says Dr. Jan Henke from ISCC.

“The audit of the CRI methanol plant was very productive and showed that ISCC PLUS can cover such innovative technologies effectively”, says Betina M. Jahn of SGS Germany GmbH. SGS as one of the pioneering certification bodies for RED-based sustainability certifications provides certification services for all product categories listed under ISCC PLUS. Inquiries in ISCC certification services can be addressed by SGS with its worldwide network of more than 80 qualified and skilled auditors.

About CRI

Carbon Recycling International (CRI) captures carbon dioxide from industrial emissions and converts it to renewable methanol, a liquid automobile fuel. Founded in 2006, CRI is a venture-backed Icelandic company with headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland and production plant in Svartsengi, Iceland.

Further information you will find under: carbonrecycling website 

About ISCC

ISCC (International Sustainability Carbon Certification) is the world´s first state-recognised certification system for sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, it is being used by approx. 2,000 companies in 70 countries.

Further information you will find under: ISCC-System website


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