FSSC 22000 is being updated. The Foundation for Food Safety, which owns the scheme, is in the process of obtaining GFSI recognition of its 2012 version of FSSC 22000, which includes food packaging.

Since the publication of PAS 223 by BSI many food packaging manufacturers have started to apply the PAS within their organizations alongside ISO 22000. However, the PAS 223 – ISO 22000 combination does not meet the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements.

In response the Foundation for Food Safety has developed FSSC 22000 for Food Packaging Material Manufacturing. This updated FSSC 22000 scheme, which covers four packaging sectors: plastic; paper and board; metal; and glass, has been submitted to GFSI for benchmarking prior to acceptance.

More Than 3,000 FSSC Certificates Issued

Since the launch of FSSC 22000 in 2010 more than 3,000 certificates have been issued to food manufacturers and a further 200 to packaging companies. These certificates have been issued worldwide by the 70 plus licensed certification bodies, all of which are accredited by their national accreditation body, or are in the process of being accredited.

The global distribution of the certificates is clearly seen in the accompanying chart which demonstrates the growth in recognition of the ISO based standard.

Source: FSSC

To date, SGS has issued more than 800 FSSC certificate in 40 countries.

FSSC 22000 certification allows an organization to meet the requirements of several global retailers or major branded food companies under a single, internationally recognized food safety management system.

FSSC in the Making

Unique among GFSI standards FSSC 22000 has been developed by the independent not-for-profit Foundation for Food Safety and is based on ISO 22000 and PAS 220. Based in the Netherlands, the Foundation has its roots in the ‘National Board of HACCP Experts. This group of food safety experts represented all parties in the Dutch food chain and published one of the first globally recognized HACCP standards in 1996.

The existing FSSC 22000 scheme calls on the food safety management system requirements of ISO 22000 enhanced with the specific requirements of Prerequisite Programmes as set out in ISO/TS 22001/PAS 220 for food manufacturing and processing.

Global Mission for Food Safety Management

The Board of Stakeholders that administers FSSC 22000 includes representatives from food manufacturing and distribution, standards bodies and certification bodies. The Board’s mission is to deliver globally leading, independent, non-profit ISO based and GFSI-accepted food certification scheme for the whole food supply chain.

GFSI Recognition for Scheme Owners

A significant element of GFSI recognition is the requirement for the scheme owner to put in place a robust integrity programme. This ensures that the scheme can maintain delivery of credible protection of food safety to end users, regardless of the accreditation of the individual certification bodies.

All certification bodies must demonstrate compliance with ISO 17021 and ISO 22003 to their accreditation body. This ensures independence and impartiality in their management and processes as well as demonstrating auditor competence. An adequate and systematic mechanism to plan and conduct effective audits is also key to the function of the certification body.

As a further safeguard, the Foundation has implemented a systematic review of selected audits by independent experts. This enables proper validation of the delivery process with feedback to the certification bodies and the Foundation, thereby enabling a culture of ongoing programme improvement.

Food Safety Expertise

As a world-leader in food safety audits and certification, we have an international, multi-lingual network of specialists ready to share their expertise and help you raise standards. We can ensure that your food safety solutions and systems are in line with the latest thinking and best practice, so that quality and safety become synonymous with your brand.

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