Edible bird nest, a nutritious food containing high levels of amino acids and minerals, is made from the solidified saliva of swallow birds. Asian people believe that the edible bird nest has curing properties that can help relieve symptoms such as asthma, chronic cough and bloody sputum. However the most well-known benefits are skin enhancement and maintaining youthful vitality.

Bird nest traders have invested a lot of effort on marketing to boost their sales, however, following the rise of birdnest incidents and recall cases, product safety should be the main focus of birdnest producers to ensure sustainable development of the industry. Monitoring production processes, hygiene management, establishing product specifications, setting quality standards and obtaining international food safety certifications are needed to demonstrate their commitment to safety in order to restore consumer confidence.

The new SGS Trustworthy Birdnest Scheme will help suppliers to enhance the food security of the supply chain as well as strengthen consumer confidence and differentiate their products on the market. The trustworthy scheme is based on major regulations and international food standards which are integrated with sampling plans, testing and factory audits to ensure a certain degree of safety is achieved.

SGS Trustworthy Bird Nest Scheme

  • Product scope: Raw edible bird's nest and ready-to-eat bottled bird's nest drink
  • Product certification process:
    1. Initial certification: comprehensive product testing (according to the relevant laws and regulations) and factory audit
    2. Periodic sampling for testing and regular plant audit monitoring stage
  • Product Certification Features:
    After successfully completion of the initial approval audit and analysis, a 3-year contract is signed and the SGS Product Mark will be issued for display on product packaging.

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