Luc-Alain Savoy, Director of SGS M-Scan SA, recently presented at the European Bioanalysis Forum, November 14-16.

LC-MS/MS for quantification of Peptide biomarker and mixture of closely related Protein in formulation

Mass spectrometry is a technique which distinguishes between compounds of different structures by virtue of their differences in mass and/or fragmentation pattern.

The specificity of the method can be increased by the use of LC-MS which can allow identification of a component associated with a specific retention time.

That specificity can be further increased by monitoring specific fragment ions derived from a known precursor ion mass in MS/MS experiments; this technique, when used with a suitable Internal Standard, forms the basis of a powerful advanced methodology for quantitative mass spectrometric measurements.

The development of new instrumentation, with unmatched sensitivity, has made LC-MS/MS avery serious challenger to immunoassays. LC-MS/MS methods can be developed quickly and cost-effectively as they do not depend on the use of specific Antibodies.

This presentation will focus on the analysis by LC-MS/MS of biomarkers and therapeutics peptides, with a particular emphasis on the analysis of specific signature peptides released from proteins. For this particular example, where the objective was the quantification of closely related proteins, presenting a very high degree of sequence homology LC-MS/MS was identified as the method of choice.