SGS approved as a verification partner of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

SGS is proud to announce it has been approved as a verification partner of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an independent not-for-profit organization providing a transformative global system for thousands of companies and cities to measure, disclose and manage environmental information.

With some 3,700 organizations across the world’s largest economies using CDP to measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, water management and climate change strategies CDP holds the largest collection globally of primary corporate climate change information. The CDP process enables companies to set emissions reductions targets and to make performance improvements.

CDP approved SGS as a verification partner following a review of its accredited status as a specialist provider of greenhouse gas emissions verification and validation under ISO 14065 accreditation. CDP also reviewed feedback on SGS as a verification provider from some of the worlds most well known global companies.

Jonathan Hall, head of SGS Climate Change program, said: “As a reporter to CDP as well as verification partner, SGS and its senior management understands that without measurement and disclosure of climate change data there can be no effective management of climate change risks, no improvement in performance and no behavioral change."

Disclosure is a key element in driving responsibility in climate change risk management and strategy through better information, understanding and awareness. Verification brings credibility to disclosure: SGS believes that credible data is the foundation of sound decisions to reduce climate change impacts. As a verification partner SGS will help companies to disclose accurate climate change data through CDP.

SGS is a leading provider of environmental and climate change assurance services. A global team of specialist GHG verifiers provides flexible and tailored services to meet individual client needs. SGS’ worldwide accreditations include CDM, EUETS and ISO 14065 and are testament to the quality and independence of our procedures and approach.

Paul Simpson, CDP’s CEO said: “Verification of climate change data enables companies to ensure that their reporting effort results in the best quality data to support informed decision making. Our verification partners provide companies with third party certification, verification and assurance of climate or sustainability data; we are delighted to welcome SGS to the roster.”

Whether declaring corporate emissions through CDP, project or product emissions declarations, reduction claims or providing carbon neutral services; the SGS approach is designed to maximise efficiency of the verification process whilst retaining impartiality and upholding accreditation standards.



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