In April of 2012, the Second Harbor Engineering Company contracted SGS experience and expertise in tank inspection for the out-of-service inspection of two idle tanks in order to determine whether the tanks in question could successfully and safely be put into operation and to provide a relevant repairing program. SGS professionals triumphantly completed the project in May of 2012.

The Second Harbor Engineering Company, Ltd.

The Second Harbor Engineering Company (SHEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company, Ltd., was founded in 1950. Today, SHEC is one of only two companies in China which are specifically qualified in the construction of roads, bridges and marine facilities.

In the search to find a reliable, independent inspection company to conduct comprehensive examination of the two tanks, empty and idle for years, SHEC project leaders learned of SGS expertise after speaking with the SGS affiliate in Liberia and the SGS Global Tank Competence Center. Highly-skilled technical support professionals, cutting-edge technology and the SGS worldwide network impressed SHEC representatives and SGS emerged as the perfect partner for the Liberian project.

SGS Tank Inspection and API 653

SGS tank inspection services reduce the very serious risks of the leakage of hazardous chemicals during storage and of damaging corrosion weakening tanks, both of which can cause catastrophic environmental disaster and exorbitant financial losses. SGS expert inspection and testing ensure that tanks are safe and reliable and are compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements.

A leader in tank inspection services, SGS boasts unparalleled expertise, state-of-the-art technology and a global reach. Furthermore, SGS guarantees accurate independent testing and verifications, ensuring tank safety by providing an understanding of tank capacity and volume, assuring tank integrity and preventing costly accidents.

SGS certified inspectors follow the American Petroleum Institute's Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Reconstruction guideline, also referred to as API 653, which provides standards for the safe storage of petroleum products in order to protect employees, the public and the environment.

SGS Demonstrates Excellence in Liberia Testing

Due to the complexity of the Liberian project, SGS assigned two experienced API 653 authorized inspectors to assess the status and administer the inspection of two tanks with volumes of 3100 and 26000 cubic meters sitting empty and idle. SGS experts provided comprehensive, detailed inspection implementing vacuum box testing, visual inspection per API 653, MFL for bottom plate, magnetic particle testing, plumbness and settlement surveys, ultrasonic thickness and other methods to produce accurate results. After successfully completing the inspection phase, SGS professionals designed a repairing protocol based on the current status of the tanks and in compliance with the API 653 requirements.

In the Liberian project, SGS inspection and quality assurance services extended the life-span of the tanks, ensured their safe operation and increased their reliability to provide added financial benefit and asset value.

Throughout this first cooperation with SHEC, SGS has laid a strong foundation of communication and trust upon which to build a strong, long-term partnership.

SGS Overhaul for Aging Assets

As in Liberia, numbers of tanks around the world are aging and concerns regarding tank inspection are growing. Affected companies are in desperate need of professional, third-party assessment and inspection to provide accurate information and effective solutions to be used in designing repairing protocols and to prolong the life-spans of tanks in order to ensure safe, reliable operation and to increase the value of assets. SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company supported by its own SGS Global Tank Competence Center, is widely recognized as the superior provider for optimized tank inspection services in accordance with API 653 applicable standards and authorized inspectors.

SGS Petrochemical Services

SGS petrochemical services achievements in comprehensive services including inspection, expediting, project coordination, non-destructive testing, material testing and other methods are extraordinary and on display in several key petrochemical projects both in China and around the world.

SGS takes pride in being selected for the Liberian tank inspection project and looks forward to assisting SHEC again in the future.

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