National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology more popularly known as INMETRO founded in 1973, is Brazilian Regulatory Agency working for Compliance Evaluation Requirements for consumer products manufactured or imported into Brazil.

INMETRO regulation 301 issued on 21st July 2011, requires auto components for the aftermarket to have mandatory mark of INMETRO and a third party certification logo accredited by INMETRO to enter and to be commercialized in Brazil. Auto parts such as shock absorbers, electric fuel pumps for the Otto cycle engines, horns or similar equipment used in automotive road vehicles, pistons, lock pins and lock rings, piston rings, bearing shell and lamps, now have to be compliant and manufacturers and importers must be certified until January 21, 2013, ie from July 22, 2013, new production of automotive components must be labelled with INMETRO’s mark. Starting July 21, 2014, only certified products may be commercialized in Brazil.

The INMETRO regulation # 445 defines all process for automotive wheels and must be certified until January 2013 that will give time only until end of the year for manufacturers and importers to comply with new requirements. January 2015 onwards, automotive wheels without Inmetro Conformity Identification Mark cannot be sold in the country.

SGS’s CTS (Consumer Testing Services) Automotive portfolio includes INMETRO Certification Services, which is based on the group’s rich experience and professional team who has worked with world’s major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. SGS has been qualified by INMETRO as Product CB (Certification Body), which can help your products meet the local requirements and enter the market on time.

As a world-class service provider in the automotive industry, SGS possesses unrivaled experience gained through the support it provides to governments, manufacturers, traders, financial institutions and insurance companies around the world. To know more about automotive services visit www.automotive.sgs.com.

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