SGS Ensuring Good Energy

In January of 2012, SGS accepted a contract from Borusan EnBW Energy to provide end of warranty inspection services for 20 Vestas V90-3MW wind turbines. SGS examined the wind turbines at the Turkish Borusan Wind Energy Power Plant to identify deficiencies in order to establish warranty claims within the stipulated warranty period and avoid unnecessary expense for the company. The contract consisted of three two-week subprojects to be completed between March and May of 2012.

Borusan Turning Wind into Energy

The Borusan EnBW Bandırma Wind Energy Power Plant, located in Balıkesir, has 60 MW of installed capacity consisting of twenty 3 MW turbines. A 46,5 km energy transmission line connects the plant to the national grid via the Akçalar Substation.

Borusan EnBW Energy, a leader in the global energy market, invests in projects sensitive to both society and the environment with the objective of raising living standards and ensuring the efficient use of energy resources. Generating electricity using the renewable energy source of wind power, the Bandırma plant produces clean electric energy and has already reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 100,000 tons. The Borusan energy-production portfolio is intentionally based on naturally renewable resources to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Borusan EnBw selected SGS technical expertise and extensive experience in end of warranty inspection to conduct independent examination and provide complete and accurate reporting of defects and abnormalities in support of warranty claims issued to manufacturers.

SGS End of Warranty Inspection Services

The long list of SGS wind energy inspection services implemented in the Borusan project included tower and machinery inspection, rotor blade inspection via rope access to include the measurement of the lightning protection system, vibration measurement of the drive train, endoscopic inspection of the main gearbox and analysis of the gearbox oil and focused on the structural integrity and safe operation of each turbine. Specific content of SGS inspection services followed the guidelines established by the expert committee of BWE, the German Wind Energy Association.

SGS skilled professionals supported Borusan officials by conducting full scope in-service inspections,  examining wind turbine components, identifying deficiencies and failures of critical components and preparing the detailed reports of evidence required to take advantage of valid warranties.

In the Borusan project, wind turbine reliability was of utmost importance as even minor failures could cause costly interruption or total suspension of services or production resulting in substantial financial losses. Therefore, it was paramount that SGS end of warranty inspection ensured that turbines perform effectively for as long as possible. In order to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of turbine components and performance, Borusan chose to rely on SGS's independent inspection, verification, testing and certification skills.

Operating and maintaining wind farms requires huge financial commitment. Warranty inspection services offer some relief by detecting problems on critical components within warranty time restraints in order to file claims and save money. The Bandırma Wind Energy Power Plant in Turkey profited from SGS end of warranty inspections by avoiding costly repair or replacement of parts due to warranty expiration, substantially reducing risk of revenue lost by interruption or suspension of service or production and increasing asset value.

SGS was particularly happy to extend an expert helping-hand to this distinguished project implementing renewable energy technology and strategy to impact the world.

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