SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company is proud to be among the certified and listed service suppliers to have been approved according to the procedures and acceptance criteria as established by Det Norske Veritas.

Established in Norway in 1864, DNV was created to inspect and evaluate the condition of Norwegian merchant vessels. Today, DNV is an autonomous and independent foundation whose purpose is to secure and protect life, property, and the environment both on land and at sea. DNV provides classification, certification and additional verification, consultancy and research services to determine the standard of quality of ships, offshore units and installations and an array of diverse industries worldwide.

SGS Certified Non-Destructive Testing Methods

SGS non-destructive testing experts provide extensive NDT services which include magnetic particle, penetrant, ultrasonic and radiographic testing methods implemented to assess conditions around and within buried parts and to assist in prioritizing maintenance and mitigate risk of leakages. These methods, as applied by SGS professionals, have been verified and have received the DNV 402B Certificate dated February 21, 2012 and valid until the same date in 2015. This certification is specifically designed for service suppliers engaged in NDT of units and components for offshore projects.

SGS non-destructive testing services offer complete or sample examination of assets using well-designed procedures and highly-trained and certified NDT inspectors. From construction sites, pipelines and refineries to shipyards and nuclear power plants, SGS monitors and improves the reliability of processes and equipment. SGS provides complete and valuable data which assists SGS clients to reach informed, intelligent asset management decisions.

The DNV Approval Program 402B objectives are to improve the level of services quality and to ensure that all listed services provided by certified NDT companies meet or exceed code requirements. SGS is the first company in Thailand to receive the DNV 402B Certificate for these particular non-destructive testing methods.

SGS Certified Non-Destructive Measurement Methods

SGS has also been granted a DNV 402A Certificate, issued on June 3, 2011 and valid for three years, in accordance with the DNV Approval Program 402A and IACS UR Z17 designed specifically for ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) of ship structure. UTM is a non-destructive measurement method used to gauge the thickness of solid metal elements by sending an ultrasonic wave through the material and measuring the time required for the wave to bounce back to the surface.

The Category 1 certification authorizes SGS to perform measurements on all types and sizes of ships classified by DNV. The validity of this particular approval is subject to a practical demonstration of thickness measurement onboard as well as the presentation of satisfactory reporting.

Certificates of Excellence

DNV Certificates distinguish approved and listed companies as those fulfilling the highest of standards of quality services. Each certificate has its own mandatory objectives and approval procedures.

The DNV 402B Certificate ensures that suppliers providing services such as NDT on behalf of a client use appropriate procedures, have qualified, certified personnel and written processes for training, performance, application, control, verification and reporting. Additionally, suppliers must provide appropriate equipment and facilities commensurate with professional service. The approval program defines the requirements necessary to obtain DNV society approval for performing NDT of structural materials and machinery components for offshore units classified by the society.

The objective of the DNV 402A certificate program is to ensure that measurements and reporting of structural scantlings are precise. This automatically requires firms involved in thickness measurement to employ highly-qualified personnel skilled in recognizing corroded or pitted areas, understanding blueprint drawings of ships and being able to implement written systems regarding training, control, verification and reporting in addition to possessing the necessary level of technical equipment and facilities to render professional assistance services. Companies providing thickness measurements results to be used in DNV surveyor classification determination are subject to specific DNV approval in accordance with strict compulsory procedures.

Upon satisfactory completion of both the audit of the firm and a required practical demonstration, DNV issues a “Certificate of Approval” stating that the company in question's operation system has been found to fulfill the mandatory criteria. The certificate will clearly state the type and scope of services and any limitations or restrictions imposed and include a list of certified operators and relevant supervisors. Certified firms will be listed in the DNV Record of Approved Service Suppliers, Register No.102 and in the IACS List of Approved Service Suppliers.

SGS is extremely pleased to be a distinguished DNV certificate holder.

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