INMETRO the Brazilian Regulatory Agency has been working intensively in the past few years on improving Compliance Evaluation Requirements for consumer products manufactured or imported into Brazil. Consumer Compact offers you a look at some of the latest changes affecting consumer products.


For automotive wheels Inmetro Ordinance # 362 from September 12, 2011 postponed due dates from Ordinance # 445, to January 1, 2013; giving until the end of this year to manufacturers and importers to comply with new requirements. From January 1, 2015 on, only automotive wheels with Inmetro Conformity Identification Mark can be sold in the country.

For the same segment, auto parts such as shock absorbers, electric fuel pumps for the Otto cycle engines, horns or similar equipment used in road motor vehicles, pistons aluminum alloy, pins and lock rings (retention), rings piston, bearings and lamps for motor vehicles, for the aftermarket, have to be in compliance with Ordinance # 301, from July 21, 2011. The due date for commercialization of certified products will come in force by July 21, 2014, meaning only products with Inmetro Conformity Identification Mark can be sold in national market.

Toys & Juvenile Products

The highly sensitive industry segments of Toys & Juvenile Products are also under strict regulation in Brazil. Regulatory agencies have tightened requirements for imported toys, demanding the same quality and safety standards as from the national industry for: Plush Toys, Dolls, Ride-on Toys, Projectile Toys, Games, Decorative Collectibles, Figurines, Construction Toys, Battery Operated Toys, Magnetic Toys, Construction Toys, Creative Art Materials, Puzzles, Toys in Food, Books.

Although usually using system 5 (QMS assessment certification) and 7 (batch certification), system 4 (type test) can also be an option for craftsmen.  Regarding the maintenance tests, they are conducted on samples collected in retailers’ and distributors’ plants and warehouses in Brazil. Products must be in compliance with Ordinance # 369/2007 against Brazilian Standard NM-300 series (Physical & Mechanical Tests, Flammability, Toxic elements, Experimental Sets, Chemical toy sets, Electrical Toy Tests).

Infant cradles are also on focus. Ordinance # 269 from June 21, 2011 demands compliance with ABNT NBR 15860 parts 1 and 2 (for safety requirements and test methodology). It is applicable to finished and ready to use products, produced in national market and/or imported, except for hospital cradles. For further information, you can read our SafeGuards N°133/11 (July 2011).

Recently disclosed, Ordinance # 90, from February 23, 2012 and Ordinance # 481, from December 07, 2010 set new due dates for compulsory certification for school supplies. From December 2012 on, sharpeners, rubbers, ball pens, Nanking pens, glues, compasses, liquid correctives, French curves, squares, crayons, pencil boxes with children characters, pencils and mechanical pencils, modeling and plastic clays, normographe, plastic folders, rulers, blunt-ended scissors, water paints, lunch boxes and protractors will have to comply with ABNT NBR 15236 to be manufactured or imported.

Hard Goods

Hard Goods such as mattresses produced nationally and/or imported, were also included in the compulsory certification program of Brazilian Government. ABNT NBR 13579 parts 1 and 2 are in force through Ordinance # 79 from February 2011 requiring several tests to ensure quality and product safety, both for foam and fabric coatings.

SGS Brazil widens its portfolio for product certification

SGS Brazil has been qualified by INMETRO as Product Certification Body (CB) for a large number of products, anticipating the demands and possibilities of Brazilian market. Moreover, our technicians have been participating in several technical committees along with other CBs to help INMETRO – Brazilian Regulatory Agency, in the elaboration of Compliance Evaluation Requirements. 

Since the last quarter of 2011, SGS Brazil has been qualified as Product Certification Body for steel cables, wires and bars, mattresses, automotive wheels, masks and helmets (PPE), table funs, toys and school supplies.

To help you ensure product compliance for the Brazilian market, SGS offers comprehensive solutions including: update and interpretation of standards and regulations, product hazard analysis/ safety and risk assessment, product and materials testing, factory and social audits, inspections, training and seminars.

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