Saipem Summons SGS for Various Projects

SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification signed a service agreement dealing with comprehensive inspection and expediting services for various on- and off-shore projects under the direction of Saipem. The agreement, signed in February 2012, will last until end of December 2014.

Headquartered in Milan, Saipem has been operating in the oilfield service industry as a gas and oil contractor offering engineering and construction of on- and off-shore projects for over fifty years. Saipem enjoys an international reputation as one of the best and most balanced turnkey contractors in the oil and gas industry.

SGS Inspection and Expediting Services Help Improve Business

Recognized worldwide, SGS comprehensive inspection reduces risk and ensures quality control during all phases of construction. SGS exhaustively inspects equipment and materials for mechanical defects or regulatory deficits at the manufacturer level as well as on site in order to prevent exorbitant corrective measures during construction or disastrous malfunctions or shutdowns during operation. SGS inspection includes specifically tailored periodic examination and reporting of manufacturer and vendor quality status. Extensive monitoring of manufacturer and vendor quality control planning, meticulous inspection throughout supply periods and observation of intermediate and final testing shape the scope of SGS superior inspection services.

SGS complete coordination in ensuring well-planned supply scheduling strategies by evaluating and modifying proposed vendor timetables as well as anticipating, analyzing and preventing potential delays which might affect delivery dates is key to meeting strict construction deadlines and avoiding costly holdups. SGS experts closely compare manufacturer data books and vendor shipping documents such as packing lists and invoices for accurate accounting of orders placed and products received. Highly-trained SGS professionals make certain that information is promptly exchanged between vendors and contractors and oversee any activity necessary to perform slated visits and or required reporting. Exceptional logistical supervision in coordination, documentation and communication blueprint the design of SGS reliable expediting services.

SGS Supports Clients to Save Time and Money

SGS unsurpassed inspection and expediting services are fundamental in assuring contractors and operators quality, compliant materials delivered intact and on time. SGS examination of piping, PV&HE, rotating equipment, electrical machines, switchboard, cable, and instrumentation at production and distribution guarantees top quality products and eliminates the costly risk of receiving substandard, non-regulatory products. SGS expediting expertise ensures punctual, secure and documented delivery of goods ordered and deters delinquency and inaccuracy which might otherwise cause substantial needless expense. Comprehensive inspection and excellent expediting services, as only SGS can provide, are the smart cost control tools of thoughtful construction contractors and astute business operators. 

SGS takes great pride in supporting Saipem in these distinguished projects and looks forward to this cooperative and lucrative collaboration.

For further information, please contact:

SGS Italia S.p.A.
Rosalbo Lionello
Key Account Manager
Via Gaspare Gozzi 1/A
20129 Milano
t: +39 02 7393 655 / 291
f: +39 02 7012 7559


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