Production agriculture needs continuous innovation to improve the management and sustainability of our natural resources. With demands for efficiency and increasing environmental concerns, expertise in yield data, fertilizer placement, government regulations, CME commodity prices and field management are crucial for success.

From technical on-farm monitors to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) receivers, laboratories and internet share sites, today’s growers get information from numerous sources to help make their agronomic decisions. Now, instead of planting, spraying and harvesting a field according to decade-old habits, growers must analyze, decipher and determine best management practices for each field from the plethora of information they receive. How to effectively utilize all this information and put to practice is critical to modern production.

SGS has developed a unique package of added value services. With our knowledgeable GIS specialists and agronomists, SGS can assist growers from application needs to optimum usage of chemicals. Using soil fertility test results combined with customer-supplied yield data, SGS can determine fertility zones customized to each field.
Because of the spatial variability of soil nutrient values at the field level, SGS provides GPS and site specific applications, known as variable rate technology (VRT). This allows the grower to apply the right amount and type of fertilizer where it is most needed.

VRT maps for macro and micro nutrients including traditional analyses for pH, Phosphate, and Potassium, helping to minimize input costs and increase fertilizer application efficiencies. SGS VRT can also establish planting, moisture and weed zones to effectively minimize seed, chemical and fertilizer inputs and optimize production goals.

SGS offers these information management services, and more. Contact your nearest SGS laboratory for more information.

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