The new European Union RoHS Directive (known as RoHS2) has become EU law in June 2011. SGS launched a webinar to explain the impact of the new RoHS2 scope which applies to all products dependent on electrical power to fulfill at least one intended function.

The key issues covered during the seminar are:

  • RoHS2 timelines, scope and new exemptions policy
  • CE Marking: New RoHS2 compliance requirements for Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors 
  • Practical compliance management for RoHS2: Why Manufacturers need to re-think their product compliance strategy
  • Market surveillance for RoHS
  • Test strategies and analytical details for RoHS restricted substances to satisfy the new requirements

For more details, please view the ROHS page.

Contact person:

Dr. Udo Krischke
Global Technical Manager RSTS

t: +49 6128 744 235