One of the major concerns in wind farm projects is the reliability of the wind farm turbine, a highly critical wind farm component. Since even a minor failure within the components of a wind turbine can cause unacceptable downtime and substantial decreases in energy production, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the reliability of the wind turbines in order to guarantee that the wind farm will perform effectively and profitably during its entire lifetime. With the rapid development of the wind power industry and technology, the demands for high quality wind farm assets have been given a higher priority.

In order to ensure the best possible performance and quality at Chaonan and Dahao wind farms, China Resources New Energy Group Co., Ltd. (CRNE), the renewable energy arm of China Resources Power (CRP), which is engaged in the investment, development, operation and management of power plants, looked for a reliable inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

In September 2011, SGS was awarded a contract to conduct In-Service Inspection of wind turbines in Chaonan and Dahao wind farms in Guangdong, China due to its first-rate expertise in projects of this kind.

For the entire duration of the contract, scheduled from October 2011, SGS will conduct comprehensive inspection services of the wind farm structures by applying various testing methods and analysis systems in order to check the wind turbines for defects and discontinuities such as toothing and bearing problems, gear box and generator failures and blade damage and rotor imbalance. A team of SGS’s experts will carry out hydraulic oil analysis, vibration detection and analysis of drive train to assess the condition of the wind turbines effectively.

Based on the experience and competence of our engineers, SGS will also provide gear box oil analysis and endoscopic inspection of the gearbox’s toothing and bearings, alignment check between the gearbox output shaft and generator shaft as well as rotor imbalance check during the project. Furthermore, SGS’s team of experts will inspect the electrical components, tower and foundation.

With In-Service Inspection for Wind Farms, SGS aids our clients to detect the failure of critical wind farm components at an early stage, to increase the overall performance of the asset reducing downtime which in turn helps to optimize the economical operation of the wind farm and achieve the required return on investment.

With SGS’ help, the quality of the wind turbines in the Chaonan and Dahao wind farms in Guangdong, China will be assured in compliance with all international and national standards, including the new design regulations for large-scale wind power projects, approved and released during the second session of the first Wind Power Standard Congress by China’s National Energy Commission, to the full satisfaction of the client.

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The SGS Group is a global service provider for technical verification, inspection, testing and conformity assessment. SGS ensures that the customer’s installations, material, equipment, facilities and projects meet all quality and performance requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or customer based. SGS has decades of experience and remarkable references in serving key industries, such as construction, industrial manufacturing and trade, the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, transmission, banks and financial institutions and the power generation industry, including renewable energy.

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