The Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme (RISAS) is the rail industry’s universally accepted non-profit scheme for the assessment and certification of suppliers of critical products and services in Great Britain. RISAS supports Network Rail, passenger and freight train operators and other organisations that purchase critical products and services in connection with GB Railways in their management of supply chain and asset maintenance risk. Furthermore, the Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme provides an independent, rigorous assessment of a supplier’s capability to consistently provide critical products and services in accordance with customer requirements.

In order to prove the highest level of capability in buying, managing and overseeing maintenance of the most critical aspects of rolling stock—which are crucial to safety, reliability and performance—Eversholt Rail Group, one of Britain’s leading train fleet owners and asset managers, underwent comprehensive assessments conducted by SGS CORREL Rail, a Rail Industry Supplier Approval Body (RISAB) accredited by RSSB.

On November 22, 2011, SGS CORREL Rail officially presented the Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme to Eversholt Rail’s Chief Executive Officer, Mary Kenny, at the company’s offices in London, UK. Eversholt Rail Group has now become the second major rolling stock company (ROSCO) to achieve RISAS certification.

During the assessment and certification process, SGS carried out an independent and rigorous evaluation of Eversholt Rail’s capability to consistently buy, manage and oversee maintenance of the most critical aspects of rolling stock in accordance with safety, reliability and performance requirements. SGS’s team of experts provided a single, universally recognized assessment and certificate, eliminating the need for audits by other third party schemes or individual client companies in Great Britain.

Based on first-rate experience and competence, SGS conducted a clear and transparent evaluation of Eversholt Rail Group and supported the operation of the client’s safety management system in controlling risk. Furthermore, SGS’s team of highly-skilled experts helped Eversholt Rail meet client requirements and demonstrate excellence.

With the help of SGS CORREL Rail, Eversholt Rail Group achieved RISAS certification, which adds value to both clients and suppliers by offering a robust system for assessment and certification of rolling stock maintenance recognized by the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR), which efficiently meets the requirements of the European Union Safety Directive.

The following statement has been released by Eversholt Rail’s Chief Executive Officer, Mary Kenny: “With our current market share of approximately one third of the UK passenger rolling stock market, we saw RISAS as a very important input to our business and the future of rail industry supplier assurance. We hope this will inspire suppliers along the chain“.


In June 2011, the SGS Group acquired CORREL Rail Limited, thereby achieving an important development in its service offerings for rolling stock manufacturers, operators and component suppliers. CORREL Rail functions as a permanent Notified Body and provides certification of new, upgraded and modified rolling stock, as well as technical assessment of products and processes, consultancy and training. The joint-service portfolio represents supplementary added-value to customers.

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