In the construction sector, all structures are very critical assets. Even a minor failure can present a risk to people and to the environment and additionally can cause a substantial loss of money. Consequently, construction structures need to be monitored continuously.

In order to ensure the best quality and safe and durable operation of the BP-1413 highway’s viaduct over Can Fatjó (Cerdanyola del Vallès - Barcelona) in Spain, the project owner sought a reliable third-party inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

In 2010, SGS Industrial Services in Spain was awarded a contract to provide comprehensive monitoring services of the viaduct due to its first-rate competence and expertise in projects of this kind.

A team of highly skilled SGS experts monitors the main stretch of the BP-1413 highway’s viaduct via two 25-meter long optic fibers and 50-meter transverse optic fiber located along and across the soffit of the prefabricated voussoirs, respectively. This system supplies real-time data needed to manage and control the viaduct to assure its safety and reliability. Furthermore, this technology can be applied as a detection warning system to prevent fissures in concrete structures and for research regarding their evolution and behavior.

Due to the precision and spatial high resolution of the optical fiber sensors, SGS Industrial Services obtains very reliable results. The SGS measurement of strains throughout the fiber allows for obtaining not only the strains in all points but also for the deflection at the interest points. With its extensive monitoring services, SGS controls the passing load of the highway’s viaduct and compares the resulting data with that obtained in the previous load test.

The analysis of the data gathered allows SGS’s experts to learn the viaduct’s behavior and take possible corrective actions to optimize the viaduct’s maintenance, repair, or replacement operations.

With SGS’s help, the quality, safety and reliability of the BP-1413 highway’s viaduct in Spain is guaranteed through continuous monitoring and to the client’s full satisfaction.

About SGS Construction Industry Services

SGS Industrial Services assists clients from the construction industry reduce risk, prevent construction errors, control budgets, and effectively keep the construction project within time deadlines, thus avoiding problems that might jeopardize the success of the entire enterprise. The SGS services for the construction sector include, but are not limited to, Design Verification, Construction Supervision, Construction Materials Testing, Building Inspection and Certification, Health, Safety and Environment Management, Service Life Prediction, Supply Chain Services, and Project Management Services.

With its highly skilled experts and a wide portfolio of Construction Industry services, SGS possesses the technical capacity to provide public institutions, private investors, and construction companies with all the support needed during infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, ports, or airports as well as building projects such as residential housing, hotels, offices, or shopping centers.

About SGS Industrial Services

Industrial Services is one of the major business lines of the SGS Group, a global service provider for technical verification, inspection, testing, and conformity assessment. SGS Industrial Services ensures that the customer’s installations, material, equipment, facilities, and projects meet all quality and performance requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary, or customer-based. Industrial Services has decades’ worth of experience and some remarkable references for serving key industries, such as Construction, Industrial Manufacturing and Trade, the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry, Power Generation and Transmission, Banks and Financial Institutions, and Renewable Energy.

SGS Industrial Services is your local partner with global experience and connections. The strength of SGS lies in understanding its customers’ operational challenges and adding value by providing individual solutions.

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