Sustainability trends are now framed as fundamentals for business success. Brands and retailers are geared to launch a number of sustainability initiatives to demonstrate their commitment to green causes and minimize the risk to consumer’s health.
Increasing concern about the adverse impacts on our health and environment from hazardous substances has made product safety a vitally significant public issue in the clothing industry. High consumer expectations together with increasing international legislation banning the use of restricted substances have created challenges at various levels within the supply chain.

SGS is dedicated to help you respond to public pressure. Our recently published Softlines Green Pulse (6th Edition) is a user-friendly ecological guideline to the textile and footwear industry, aiming at enriching clients’ knowledge about restricted substances and international regulations. It helps brands, retailers and manufacturers recognize hazardous substances that may be present in their products.

With this manual in your hand, you may experience peace of mind by obtaining current information regarding hazardous substances and safety regulations from different countries. The Green Pulse manual illustrates the properties, applications and impacts of chemical substances of high concern. This latest publication includes chapters about the status of international safety regulations (e.g. CPSIA, California Proposition 65, REACH and regulatory issues of Asian Markets etc.), properties of restricted substance, maximum allowable requirements and eco test recommendations for different markets. This information will be valuable to help you address chemical concerns throughout the complete supply chain.

SGS Greening Center

The SGS Greening Center provides a comprehensive range of testing and consultation services to international and local buyers, retailers and manufacturers. It is well equipped with field experts and state-of-the-art equipment and technology, in order to deliver the highest added value services to our customers.

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Content of Green Pulse:

  • Introduction to Restricted Substances.
  • General Review on Greening Parameters.
  • Regulation Updates (REACH, CPSIA, California Proposition 65, Regulatory Issues of Asian Markets, etc.).
  • SGS Latest Development on Restricted Substance Testing Service.
  • Ecological and Fitness Criteria for Footwear.
  • Eco Test Recommendations for the US & EU.


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