SGS is pleased to announce that it has certified AU Optronics Corporation’s (AUO) 8.5G TFT-LCD facility located in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung, Taiwan against ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems Standard. AUO is the world’s first manufacturer facilities to have obtained this certification just following the publishing of ISO 50001 standard for energy management by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) last June 15, 2011. Meanwhile, AUO's TV module plant in Suzhou, China has also passed the compliance evaluation. An ISO 50001:2011 certificate awarding ceremony was held on June 28, 2011, and it was attended by Dr. Jerry J.R. Ou, Director General of Bureau of Energy, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. AUO also is the first company in Taiwan that has obtained ISO 50001:2011 certification.

AUO has introduced ISO 50001:2011, the international standard on energy management, to front-end TFT and back-end module facilities. The goal is to achieve 25% energy savings in 2015, with 2010 as the base year. The focus of the ISO 50001 certification is on production energy management and represents that the company's persistent efforts in energy-saving green practices. With such a management system implemented, 10% energy conservation can be achieved for AUO's G8.5 fab in Central Taiwan Science Park in 2011. An estimated 55 million kWh of electricity will be saved, and 35 thousand tons of carbon emissions reduced, the equivalent effect of the afforestation of nine times that of the New York City Central Park. Approximately 5% of energy could be saved at AUO's Suzhou TV module plant, equivalent of around 1.5 million kWh of electricity. The next step, AUO will continue to pool in more resources to expand the ISO 50001 energy management system to each of its production fabrication. Energy performance will also be taken into account in procurement to enhance value chain energy management. Energy management system certification has been gaining considerable attention from countries around the world. ISO 50001 will become the next global highlight following ISO 9001, the quality management system, and ISO 14001, the environmental management system. Getting the verification will become a prerequisite for a company's international competitiveness.

"What AUO has achieved is to be honored as the first ISO 50001:2011 (IS) certificate issued by SGS globally. The Company is also the world’s first manufacturer to have obtained this certification," said Outi Maatta, SGS’s VP of Global Marketing & Business Development. “AUO is a global front runner not only with its systematic approach towards energy management, but also with energy-saving measures and management during production. Their overall energy efficiency is considerably better than that of ordinary office buildings.”

SGS has already provided certification services to companies in Europe and in Asia against the BS EN 16001:2009 Energy Management Systems Standard or against a national energy management standards. SGS Ireland Ltd. obtained accreditation against EN 16001:2009 issued by Irish National Accreditation Board. SGS (CSTC) China is one of the two international certification bodies in China approved by China Certification and Accreditation Administration to conduct a pilot certification project against China National Energy Management System Standards GB/T 2331:2009.

About ISO 50001

The ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems standard is developed by the ISO/PC 242 energy management project committee of International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 50001 specifies requirements for an organization to establish, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system, which enables an organization to take a systematic approach to achieve continual improvement of energy performance, energy efficiency and energy conservation. It helps organizations to manage energy supply and energy uses and consumption, including measurement, documentation and reporting, design and procurement practices for energy using equipment, systems, processes, and personnel. Implementation of the standard should lead to reductions in energy cost, greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts through systematic management of energy. ISO 50001 is anticipated to affect up to 60 percent of the world’s energy consumption and has the potential to become a global trade catalyst for industrial energy efficiency in the same way that ISO 9001 has become for quality.

ISO 50001 is an international framework for industrial, commercial or institutional facilities, or entire companies, to manage their energy, including procurement and use. It is applicable to all types and sizes of organizations irrespective of geographical, cultural or social conditions.

Conformance with ISO 50001:2011 will demonstrate that a plant or company has sustainable Energy Management System in place, has completed a baseline of energy use, and has committed to continuously improve energy intensity.

About SGS

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 64,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,250 offices and laboratories around the world. SGS has a global network of qualified experts to certify energy management systems or help clients understand improvement needs in the area of energy efficiency. SGS is the leading certification body in ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification and training.

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